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EF #2: My Wildest Dream

English Friday challenge from the Blog English Club today is my wildest dream.

As a history nerd my wildest dream is to time travel. Unlike the main character in H.G. Wells’ book; The Time Machine who time travels forward to the future, I would really love to go back to the past.


The time
I often picture myself bouncing back to different periods in the history:

  • Hellenism of Alexander the great from Macedonia through Greece to India, merciless Vikings up north, the glorious time of the Romans with Cicero, Julius Caesar & Augustus to Woodstock festival in 1969.
  • Mysterious closed Japan in Meiji era, Majapahit (a kingdom in East Java), the unbeatable Jengis and Kublai Khan (lately I’m into Mongolian history).
  • The Babylon at the peak of the Persian kingdom, Egypt, The Incas & Mayas, Sparta and the Trojan horse and of course the renaissance in West-Europe, the Golden Age in The Netherlands, the roaring twenties.

  • Before you get bored, I’d better stop mentioning the eras here.

    Migration and culture
    Migration is as old as the history itself some people say. Tribes have always been mobile from the very beginning. With time travel I would love to see how tribes move from one place to another, bringing their own customs, traditions and language. Then they mix them with those of the locals. This merged culture and language has resulted in what we know today.

    And I am eager to witness how the food was. What did people eat at that time? How did they prepare the food? Mind you, in the Golden Age, spices were more expensive than gold!

    What I would do
    Writing this I get very excited in a nerdy way. Imagine if time travel would be possible. I would pack my bag, a paper notebook and a small pocket camera with lots of 1 TB memory cards. I am aware that bringing DSLR would not be a good idea so I should carry a small camera.

    Man, I would blend effortlessly with the people, wearing the same clothes and speaking the language like they do. I would talk to people endlessly and take countless picture of them, discreetly.

    After time travelling to a certain period of time I would go back to here and now. I would write a book with daily life stories of ordinary people.

    What would you do if you are to time travel, go back to the past or take a leap to the future?

    62 thoughts on “EF #2: My Wildest Dream

    1. Hoho… same with me. I think I prefer choose traveling to the past instead of the future. But I do not want to interfere with any history that has to be written from time to time, as it was to happen. I just want to be an eyewitness of everything that I will see from my journey to the past. If and only if I had a chance to go to an ice age, I would be very excited then. I wonder.

      • Exactly Andik. I just want to be part of it. That is the reason why I’d bring a small pocket camera. I don’t want the people from to past to be curious about modern gadgets.

        Ah cool, the Ice Age. Life was though back then πŸ™‚

    2. mbaaaaak, reading yours make my wild dream…errr…not wild. Hahahah when you wrote that you would ‘blend effortlessly with the people, wearing the same clothes and speaking the language like they do’ , it remind me of the Timeline bok that I read long time ago. And I got excited too hihihi because I was so excited reading that book backthen.

      • Yes Sondang. I want to explore the past and be part of it. Observing and participating in the daily life would be really precious to experience.

    3. eh for me mbak, because I’m based on curiosity (yeah, the cool name for kepo), I like to tak e a leap to the future. I really want to know about Indonesia five years from now hahaha

    4. Suddenly I remember with the story of Stand by Me- Doraemon, Mbak Yo. If we can turn back the time, would it be a good decision to change the past only for the good of our future? I wonder…

      • Hmm, As I said to Andik, I just want to observe and participate in the past. I don’t intend to change anything as all those events did happen.

    5. To the past for sure! Your love for history really fascinates me. Great minds are developed on strong foundation of history. Great piece mb Yo!

      • Yes, let’s go to the past Mikan! I am really a history nerd. I have even been thinking if I’d have a chance to study again, I’d choose art history or food history related to sociology.

        Thank you for reading.

    6. I share your love for history , Yo.., I always see history as a very interesting subject. Historical sites are my main destination when I travel everywhere.

    7. weww such wild dream mba… I even want to travel to the future, make sure that my girls and my boy will be fine. Showing their great love life…
      btw would like to say hi mba..since I just know you form BEC…I just join the group and blogwalking…

      • Hi Ophi, How lovely of you to check out whether your kids would be fine in the future. Nice to meet you here and thanks for stopping by.

    8. I am still picturing how you would blend in Mba Yo. Will be hard with the camera. You might considered as a Witch.

    9. Woodstock festival! 😍 oh I’m also interested to see the Mayas and Incas!

      Btw I think I would prefer to travel to the future, but same like you, just to observe… and also to found out if mankind finally able to establish life outside of earth hehehehe

      • That would be cool, right? Just observing and participating as we know how the end is. Yes, as a hippie child, Woodstock Festival is high on my imaginary list of events I want to visit.

    10. So, instead of going to the future you prefer to take a detour with the time travelling machine? Its interesting, I can relate to your reasons because I love history too (though not quite a nerd like you :D)

      Ah, pardon me but reading your post, I remember this one story I read from a Newbery Medal Novel called When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead. It’s about time travelling too. A detour kind, too.

      Salam kenal, mba yoyen πŸ™‚

    11. Perhaps it would be easier for you to take their pictures by using smartphone camera instead of pocket camera mbak πŸ˜‰

      • I’m afraid smartphone would be more overwhelming for the people, should I get caught with it then. Imagine their surprise to witness that they could communicate with others through a tiny box πŸ˜‰

    12. Really wildest dream ya, Mbak Yo.. πŸ˜€

      But it’s sounds cool. That eras are memorable and so many secrets there. πŸ˜€

    13. I want to go to the past and observe what truly happen in the past. That;s really wildest dream mbak Yo πŸ˜€

    14. The problem with time travel and documenting it was that how would we charge our gadget if we chose to travel to the past, say to the time where electricity had not been invented yet. Moreover, even if it had, there might not be electric socket available πŸ˜› .

    15. wow it’s amazing mba Yo, I imagine if you have “Doraemon” it is very useful for you. #daydream

      I love history too but to lazy to read, poor me :((

    16. i read this post remind me about film animation mr peabody & sherman. in this movie also time traveling in to history like you said mba yo..

    17. To the past mba yo…dunno why but it must be interesting looking back to my past and laugh at it.
      Ahhh this is a cool wild dream

        • eh iya salah grammar ku ya mba yo..harusnya It would be great. Mba yo if I did a mistake (grammatically) when commenting your post, please correct me, I’ll be fine. Biasanya kalo dikoreksi gitu aku malah lebih inget. Thank you

    18. Dont forget to get immunization first Mbak Yo,
      Mata Hari..
      Khadijah, Umar bin Khatab..

      They are too hot to be true, making me dream of something can spying their daily life.
      (Maaf kalo bahasanya ngaco, mohon koreksi)

      • Ha…ha…iya. Campak, cacar dsb. Ibnu Sina, Kemal Ataturk, Salahudin, Richard the lion heart, Setiabudi, R.A. Kartini, Tribhuana Tunggadewi dsb…dsb…

    19. Time traveling is cool, yet we cannot find any way to do it πŸ™‚
      I want to go back to the past, Mba Yo, because I want to know the truth behind the history that had been taught to me in the school. I want to learn more about earlier civilization also. I am curious about their customs, their foods, their languages (I just cannot stop thinking why English is like this or Japanese is like that). Taking a leap to the future sounds interesting. But if I have know the future, my current life will not be interesting anymore πŸ™‚

    20. Aah it’s hard to choose mba Yo.. Maybe I prefer to go to the future than back into the past, so many sakitnya-tuh-disini moments soalnya.. Heehehe

    21. When i was younger, my wildest dream was to live in different countries and learn the diffΓ©rent cultures and traditions! Thus, i prefer to go back in time at different times and countries just to be able to feel and learn different eras. Yeap camera is a must!!

    22. Kerenn banget dream nyaa mba Yo πŸ˜€ Iya yah, jaman itu bumbu kayak Pala aja kan lebih mahal drpd emas yah makanya Indonesia dijajah. Kebayang deh serunya πŸ™‚

      Kalo Py pengen ke masa lalu mba Yo, ga jauh2.. Ke tahun 1987 aja, pengen lihat si Mama secara langsung.. Aww.. Ngebayangin aja dah indah bgt πŸ˜€

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