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Two musical films, one review

Annie and Into the woods are two movies based on Broadway musical. I saw Annie last week en Into the woods yesterday. Both were nominated for the Golden Globes award. I thought to review them at once in one post.


This is a story of a Annie, an orphan. She lives with another orphan kids at Miss Hannigan’s. One day Annie’s dream comes true. From foster kid she goes from rag to riches. Critics in the USA received Annie as the black rendition of the original Annie movie dated from 1982. Today’s version stars black Annie and Mr. Starck. During the movie I hardly notice that Annie is black. I mean, that doesn’t matter what race Annie is, the story stays the same.

The cast, acting and music are ok. Sometimes I find Cameron Diaz over acts as Miss Hannigan but this doesn’t disturb me. Annie is quite entertaining with a happy ending. It delivers what I have expected. It is a family movie. Two most famous songs: It’s a hard knock life and Tomorrow bring back childhood memories.


Into the woods
This movie intertwines several Grimm classics such as: Cinderella, Jack and the beanstalk, Little red riding hood, Rapunzel. It promises something good for a start. The plot is interesting but I won’t give away any spoiler though.

Despite the strongly talented cast, beautiful music and songs, impressive costume and setting, Into the woods fails to convince me. I find it boring except the opening act. Yes, it is boring. My daughter G shares the same opinion as well.

This makes me wonder why Les MisΓ©rables stays interesting until the end while Into the woods bores me after the opening act. To be honest, I can’t really put a finger on it. Maybe I am too old for this. Maybe I don’t give a damn about good moral message in it. I really don’t know.

I imagine watching the real musical Into the woods on Broadway is another experience than watching it on big screen. The ambiance is different. There is a stage with love orchestra, good lighting etc. The public’s curiosity is tangible. They applaud after each act. That is a huge difference than watching a movie from a seat.

Evidently I am still slightly disappointed with this widely marketed Disney production. Now I’d like to know what you think of this movie. Please, do share.


28 thoughts on “Two musical films, one review

  1. Cannot comment on both movies coz I haven’t watch them yet Mba. Why are you dissapointed with Disney’s distributed movies?

  2. I would like to watch Annie but dont know whether or not the movie is out already in the cinemas.

    2 years ago our school had Annie’s broadway performance. I like it so much…

  3. Sayang sekali Annie sudah tidak diputar di bioskop deket rumah saya. Waktu lihat trailernya mupeng pengen lihat. 😦 timingnya pas banget dengan istri luar kota. Saya penasaran sama Meryl Streep yang bermakeup penyihir itu Mba Yo. Selalu suka ama dia sih selama ini. Tapi kalo filmnya ga bagus takut kecewa malah.

    • Udah ya disana? Mungkin ngga banyak yang nonton ya Dan makanya cepet ditarik. Meryl Streep bagus sih di Into the Woods tapi overall film itu ngga sebagus seperti yang aku kira. Ini pendapat pribadi ya.

      • Owh.iya sih, film itu memang kompleks faktor “bagus” nya.
        Devils Wears Prada itu wlpn sederhana tp buat aq itu ok punya Mbak Yo.
        Skrng lagi penasaran Hunger Games. J-Law punya.

        • J-Law mungkin ada potensi ngikutin Meryl Streep ya, soalnya menurutku dia aktingnya bagus.
          Meryl Streep selalu jadi karakter yg diperankan, bukan aktris yang memerankan..keren Mbak Yo!

  4. Hmm… I’ve located Johnny Depp on the cover of Into The Woods. Honestly, I’m always put a high expectations on him. But I don’t know what kind of roles that he played in this film. Bikin penasaran. Btw, nice review, Mbak.

  5. mba, aku ga sabar nunggu into the woods.
    akhir2 ini film disney ceritanya selalu bukan cinta eros yang membuat bahagia tapi cinta kepada saudara (frozen) ataupun kepada stranger (maleficent) .. cant wait πŸ™‚

    • Iya, Disney berani ngespin cerita klasik jadi twistnya lain. Mungkin karena itu aku ngga ternganga nonton Into the Woods kali Yul, akunya yang kolot ha..ha..

  6. Lorraine. i watched into the woods musical before and I loved it! I found it almost impossible not to love it. Catchy song, funny charaters. That’s probably what musical needs afterall.
    I watched the trailer and was really interested with the movie!! Now I have no expectation though after reading your review.
    As for Annie, it would be great to reminisce “tomorrow” πŸ™‚ will watch it soon!!! πŸ˜€

  7. Into the woods aku suka karena musiknya dan lyric yang unusual. Scriptnya juga ok.Aku pergi nonton sama temenku yang aktris theatre. Kalau kata temenku theatrenya lebih Gory. Lebih Brutal. Waktu si ibunya Jack dibunuh contohnya tuh bener2 di hammer down, very bloody. Nah temenku nih pernah main jadi the witch, jadi dia singing along. Aku definitely going to watch the stage performance if it comes out again. πŸ™‚

    • Aku ngerti Dine kalo versi theaternya bagus, cuma nonton filmnya ada sesuatu yang ngga sreg aja gitu.

      Kalo di theater kan ada live music, ambiance theaternya, excitement gorden turun naik, act baru mulai dsb. Di film ngga. Tapi yang bikin aku bingung aku nonton theater dan filmnya Les Mis, dua-duanya aku rasa bagus. Bingung makanya πŸ™‚

  8. Hi salam kenal ya… Main kesini dari Blog nya dani…

    Gw juga ngereview 2 film ini barengan karena sama sama musikal padahal nonton Annie nya udh sebulan yg lalu Haha..

    Anyway Gw suka banget ama into the woods. πŸ™‚ Lucu aja rasanya dongeng dongeng di cross over dan twisted begitu. πŸ™‚ tp ya emang kalo ngomongin film, selera org beda beda ya… Istri gw juga kebosenan dan tidur hampir sepanjang film. Hahahaha

    • Hai Arman,

      Salam kenal juga. Hmm, kebetulan ya review dua film ini bareng πŸ™‚ Ngga tahu deh lihat Into the woods ngga ngena aja feelnya, padahal musicalnya ok.

      Thanks udah mampir disini.

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