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MM: Prelude Cello Suite no. 1

Kicking off the first Music Monday of the year I share this beautiful prelude of Cello Suite no. 1 played by American cellist Yo Yo Ma.

Prelude is an introductory piece of a classic music composition. It has a simple melody which allows the musicians preparing their fingers, mouth or hands as warming up before the long, more complex composition starts.

Famous classic tunes are actually only parts of the whole symphonies which could last up to 2 hours or more. At that time composers numbered their works on music sheets, defining whether it was a prelude, interlude, ouverture and so on.

This prelude is from German composer Johann Sebastian Bach. It has been used in many movies and commercials. Bach composed this Cello Suites from 1717 – 1723. It is a Baroque piece. This prelude is soothing. It is built upon layers but yet it sounds very calm to the end.

Bravo to Bach & Yo Yo Ma!

Featured image is courtesy of Yo Yo Ma

14 thoughts on “MM: Prelude Cello Suite no. 1

  1. love it. kinda perfect song to listen while cloudy/rain outsidw my window Mba πŸ™‚

  2. I LOVE LOVE Yo Yo Ma & JS Bach! Ma’s cello playing is always stunning. Thank you for sharing this piece, Mbak Yo, and salam kenal! πŸ˜‰

    • Salam kenal Anggun. Udah saling sapa di WA-chatgroup kemarin ya kalo ngga salah. Aku ada albumnya Yo Yo Ma yang dia main instrumen abad pertengahan, apa ya namanya lupa. Bagus deh. Seperti kembali ke masa Robin Hood & Maid Marian πŸ™‚

      • Hehe iya betul di WA. Wah asik banget punya albumnya. Di Indonesia susah cari album klasik. Mungkin via iTunes ada kali ya, belum pernah coba, tapi kalau ga audiophile kayaknya kurang mantap hehehe. Senang ketemu sesama penyuka Yo Yo Ma πŸ™‚

  3. Love this. Denger ini gw selalu inget Ada Brons dr ontdekking van de hemel πŸ™‚

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