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Lo Foodie relaunch

Bahasa Indonesia dibawah

My foodblog, Lo Foodie has just been relaunched. It has a new logo and look. And most importantly it is moved from blogspot to wordpress http://lofoodie.wordpress.com


I relaunched this foodblog for the love of food and food photography. And most of all I want to keep sharing my food passion with others. You will find simple recipes and tips for cooking and baking at home there.

It is fully written in Bahasa Indonesia but should you have any question about the recipe just pm me.

To those who are interested, take a look at http://lofoodie.wordpress.com Every week there are new recipes.

I see you there!

Lo Foodie, foodblog gw barusan muncul kembali dengan wajah dan logo baru. Dan pengumuman yang lebih penting Lo Foodie pindah dari blogspot ke wordpress http://lofoodie.wordpress.com

Gw luncurkan kembali Lo Foodie ini karena gw suka makanan dan suka motret makanan dan untuk tetap berbagi ini dengan pembaca. Di Lo Foodie ada resep sederhana dan tip untuk masak dirumah.

Konten Lo Foodie semuanya dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Untuk yang tertarik, coba deh tengok http://lofoodie.wordpress.com Tiap minggu ada resep baru.

Sampe ketemu disana!


38 thoughts on “Lo Foodie relaunch

  1. Lo Foodie has helped me to make my fav food, quiche Lorraine. A year ago. Thank you mba Yo! Congrats for the relaunch… will try more of your recipes 🙂

  2. Selamat untuk relaunch blognya mbak yo :).
    Bisa ngintip juga resep dari makanan yg diposting di ig-nya mbak yo

    • Makasih Ira. Iya, daripada cape tik di Instagram mending langsung diblog. Cuma resikonya ya itu, bikin foto pake SLR dan nulis resep yang bener 😉

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