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New year new hope

As I wrote last year I had stopped making new year’s resolutions years ago. Instead I have some wishes. I am no world healer but year after year I wish the very best to and for the world.


For the wars, conflicts, killings, safety threats going on right now, I genuinely wish peace and stability in 2015. For those who still are/have been affected by the economy crisis, those who lost the job, may you find a new one.

This year I experienced first hand how a dear friend sank deep in a place called depression. To those who are dealing with it right now or have gone through it, there would be light at the end of this dark passage.

To those whose relationship ended and those who lost the loved-ones I hope you’d be ok and feel better in 2015. Time will heal the pain but won’t erase it as that event has become part of your life.

Of course I wish those with new year’s resolutions good luck. I hope you all can reach the goal.

At last I wish everybody good health, welfare and happiness in 2015!

Image is courtesy of Vecree.


33 thoughts on “New year new hope

  1. Selamat tahun baru buat Mbak Yo. Semoga keberkahan, kesehatan yang baik, dan kebahagiaan selalu melingkupi keluarga Mbak Yo πŸ™‚

  2. Happy New Year, Lorraine! Same here. I don’t have any resolution, but I do have wishes and aspirations for myself, my family, my country. Sounds like Miss Universe, but I truly wish for world peace.

  3. Healthier, stronger and wiser …. hahaha ga muluk-muluk kan ya mba…
    happy new year Mba dan AMIN untuk semua permohonan mbak πŸ™‚

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