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MM: Mi tierra

After the announcement of USA and Cuba to rekindle their ties last week, I have been listening to Cuban music. I played Gloria Estefan, Buena Vista Social Club, Celia Cruz and many more.

This Music Monday is Mi Tierra from the first titular Spanish album of Gloria Estefan. Estefan was born in Havana, Cuba. Her family fled Cuba to USA in early 1960es after Fidel Castro took power.

In this song Gloria sings about her beloved homecountry, Cuba. Mi tierra means my land.

Other songs in Mi tierra album are also my favorite. I love Con los años que me quedan, Tus ojos, Montuno, Ayer, Si senor! Tradición and many more.

I also recommend another Gloria Estefan’s latin album Abriendo Puertas. I love latin music, especially from Cuba. I will write another post about the cool old grandpas from Buena Vista Social Club. And meanwhile, just enjoy la musica Cubana.


6 thoughts on “MM: Mi tierra

  1. Ak jg pnh liat film doc nya buena vista social club mb. Opanya uda tua2 tp msh enerjik bgt. Dan lagu2nya enak didenger, ak plg inget yg chan chan apa ya judulnya klo g salah

    • Ya betul, opa-opa itu udah banyak yang meninggal Rosa. Aku pernah nonton konsernya akhir 1990-an, live ok banget. Nanti aku cerita deh dipos lain tentang film dokumenter ini.

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