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I miss you extra today

Almost every day I have been thinking of you this past year. Today I will think of you and father. Today I especially think of your last moments among us last year. It was striking that you went on the same day as our father did 15 years ago. IMG_7899-0.JPG

I know you are pain free now. And we are left with fond memories of you. One of them is how you loved Christmas. So today I am going to set my Christmas tree at home with G & your brother in law.

Requiescat in Pace my loved-ones. We will meet again one day.

I miss you and father extra today.

26 thoughts on “I miss you extra today

  1. Lor… just found out that a year ago you lost your sister (since I have only followed your blog several months ago). It must be very tough on you and your family. But as you said, we believe that she is in a better place and pain-free.

  2. Big hug mba Yo…
    Jelang natal atau idul fitri itu memang bikin haru biru ya, terlebih kalau ada keluarga yg sdh berpulang.

  3. Ikut berdoa untuk Bapak dan Adik Mbak Yo . Mereka pasti sudah bahagia disana. Dan kenangannya selalu ada bersama Mbak Yo sekeluarga *peluk

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