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Infographic: Responsive Webdesign

I stumbled upon this interesting infographic about responsive webdesign. I share it here as approximately 25% people browse on the net with a mobile device. Responsive webdesign makes the websites convenient and userfriendly to explore. Almost every blogger has this responsive webdesign but I thought not everyone is really aware of its impact. How it influence the readers’ experience and how it adds more to the look and feel of the blog.

Read it, perhaps you will get inspired.

What is responsive website design


10 thoughts on “Infographic: Responsive Webdesign

  1. Jadi inget, dulu pernah ada teman yang bilang kalo blogku gak mobile friendly. Akhirnya jadi ubek-ubek setting di wp supaya lebih mobile friendly. Thanks for the info, Mbak Lor. 🙂

  2. Aku malah jarang banget internetan pake laptop,, pake hp mulu… 🙂
    Klo milih themes di WP, pasti aku pilih yg responsive.. 🙂

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