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30 days movie challenge day 30: Your least favorite movie

Least favorite movie is hard to define for me, it is rather confusing. Is it the worst movie or movie I don’t like? Because if I mark a movie as favorite it comes to the gallery of good to awesome movies but I don’t have a least favorite movie.

To answer today’s challenge I choose Maleficent. Read my answer as worst movie in 2014. IMG_7783.JPG

Despite beautiful images and Angelina Jolie, I left the theater confused. I don’t understand why Disney twisted the story of one of its worst villains. This Maleficent is not the one I know in Disney classic’s Sleeping Beauty. Along with Cruella de Vil and The Queen in Snow White, Maleficent is supposed to be terrifiying. It seems wrong to bring sympathy to this character after watching Jolie’s version. But hey perhaps I should have looked better at the poster, the tagline says ‘Don’t believe the fairy tale’.

For me this is the true, mean spirited and evil Maleficent, the real villain.

I have completed this 30 days movie challenge. It was quite a challenge because of the duration and frequency. I long to get back to normal blogging again. Would I accept such challenge again? I don’t think so.


10 thoughts on “30 days movie challenge day 30: Your least favorite movie

  1. Ha Lorraine, gefeliciteerd met het afronden van je dagelijkse filmblog! Ik heb er meerdere gelezen en er veel van opgestoken. Ga iig door met bloggen maar vooral nu een rustige decembermaand 😉 see you later!

  2. Maleficent is not great but I wouldn’t say it’s my least favorite 😀 Lumayan sih cerita yang mereka ciptakan ttg kehidupan Maleficent, yg ternyata nggak jahat2 amat. It’s like giving the previously known as bad character a second chance….

    • Aku ngga ngerti kategori least favorite Tika makanya rada bingung jawab challenge yang ini 😉 Ngga jelek sih Maleficent ini cuma merusak kenangan yang aku punya, dulu masih kecil nonton Sleeping Beauty takut kalo dia muncul 😉

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