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30 days movie challenge day 29: A movie that changed your opinion about something

My opinion about technology and innovation changed after I watched Steven Spielberg’s movie Artificial Intelligence.


The story in brief: in the future the arctic and antarctic melt. The water covers most part of the world. To survive human develops almost human robots. David (Haley Joel Osment) is an android robot which looks like an 11 year old boy. He thinks and behaves like a 11 year old boy. He can feel emotion too. He is capable to love unconditionally.

Family Swinton takes David into their house. Their 11 year old son, Martin is braindead. David turns to be a perfect replacement son for the Swinton. One day Martin awakes. The Swintons get their son back but David is jealous. He drowns Martin the pool. The Swintons decide to have David destroyed by a robot company. However Martin’s mother doesn’t have the heart to do this. She dumps David in the woods.

Then David’s adventure as a robot begins. He cherishes the wish to be a real human.

My opinion
Before watching Artificial Intelligence I used to think progress was good. Technique and innovation make our life easier, isn’t it? But, the past years discussions about AI (Artificial Intelligence) have taken more and more of my attention. World famous physicist Stephen Hawking said that AI could be our worst mistake in the history. Tesla CEO Elon Musk went even further by stating With Artificial Intelligence we are summoning the demon.

Those two men are authority in their field. Are they exaggerating? Their statement made me indeed wonder, is human aware what the consequences of AI? Steven Spielberg only depicted one facet of the AI in this movie.

Me as an average earth citizen, I do think how life of my daughter and my grandchildren would be like, let’s say 100 years from now. What job would they have to earn money if almost all jobs are digitalized or done by robots? Would they have a robot like David at home? How could they know if someone is real human or a robot? What if robots have emotion and are capable of showing it? How would they show it if they are angry?

I mean human’s ethic requires more consideration regarding the flashy pace of AI development and the consequences.

I leave you with my last question about AI, Should we be worried now?


12 thoughts on “30 days movie challenge day 29: A movie that changed your opinion about something

  1. Sama seperti manusia2 jahat yang menghancurkan alam, ada kecenderungan bagi para robot jahat untuk menghancurkan manusia, mbak Yo. Film i-robot salah satu contoh filmnya, udah lama banget..

    • Hmmm menurutku sih bukan robot jahat Grace. Kalo lihat perkembangan AI sekarang dimasa depan nanti mungkin semua akan digitalized. Penemuan AI untuk memudahkan manusia. Ironisnya manusia nanti malah ngga bisa apa-apa tanpa AI, tergantung 100% ke hasil temuannya.

  2. serem sih kalo bayangin masa depan yg penuh robot gt. sama aja manusia itu pengen jadi Tuhan. tapi otak manusia kan terbatas kapasitas memorinya. gimana mau dibandingin sama robot yg bisa download pengetahuan apapun dalam waktu singkat. yg pasti kalo manusia terlalu tergantung sama teknologi, mereka akan seperti orang yg kehilangan semua indranya kalo tiba2 semuanya lenyap.

    • Betul, daya pikir etik dan logika orang belum atau mungkin ngga pernah siap dengan AI seperti Stephen Hawking dan Elon Musk bilang.

  3. If the question is “now”, I think we are still okay with AI. But it doesn’t mean that we can relax and forget about this issue, haha 😛 . People in the field of AI development should be aware about this. Heck, even in my PhD research I am being reminded about this as well 🙂 .

    • But now AI in it simpliest form has made work processes in factories easier, consequence is; mass unemployment. All we can do is just sit and wait. Personally I am quite pessimistic if human are able or willing to slow the pace of AI development.

  4. This movie made me think the same things as you! When I watched it I was a teenager, and since then I always thought that too much technology cant be good in some ways.
    I don’t know if you heard of, but there is a Tv serie with Halle Berry called Extant… its a very interesting tv show, and they also explore this AI topic.

    • The last decade AI discussion has been going on often and more public so average people with no science affiliation like you and me get more aware of it. It is a goos thing, the awareness but I don’t know what is really going on on that AI field.

  5. Great post.Yes more than one movie changed my opinion about more than one issue.” Gone with the Wind” The truth about the civil war.Jalal

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