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30 days movie challenge day 28: Movie with the best soundtrack

I’d like to change today’s challenge to plural. Instead of movie with the best soundtrack, I present you movies with the best soundtrack.

This is Grease from the music drama movie Grease. It is a song from Frankie Valli.

Grease was a hit in 1978. I was still a child but my aunts introduced me to this. All songs on the soundtrack are good; Grease, Summernight, Blue Moon, Beautiful dropouts etc. If I’m not mistaken Glee did a Grease inspired episode in season 3.

Saturday Night Fever
Another hit in the end of 70es was Saturday Night Fever with six hits from The Bee Gees among others How deep is your love, Stayin’ alive, More than a woman, Night Fever, You should be dancing, Jive Talkin’. There are songs from other musicians too like Disco Inferno from The Trammps etc. When the movie came out it marked the era of disco dancing. Then people went to a club, to a discotheque. Saturday Night Fever’s soundtrack is iconic!

Other soundtracks
I also love full soundtrack of the following movies: Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction, Waiting to exhale (highly recommended), Fighting temptations, Trainspotting, Help, The Birdcage, Mr Holland’s Opus, Philadelphia, Dance with me, Love actually and the most recent fave is The Chef.


4 thoughts on “30 days movie challenge day 28: Movie with the best soundtrack

  1. Sama gua juga suka banget soundtrack ini dan Sound of Music. Ya nonton filmnya juga suka baget 🙂

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