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30 days movie challenge day 24: Your favorite documentary

My favorite documentary for now is The Mongolian Dream from Sven Lindahl. I am fascinated by this nomadic tribe, descendants of the great Gengis Khan. The Mongolian people have to survive the harsh nature they live in and sustain external influence. Particularly I am interested in Eagle hunting and how Mongolians handle the horses. Their technique is just awesome. IMG_7728.JPG

Other documentaries I like are:

  • Beperkt houdbaar (Perishable) by Sunny Bergmann. It is about women searching for ways to fulfill the beauty standard.
  • I reviewed two documentaries about Sushi. One is about Jiro Ono, the Sushi Master and the other is about the threatened Blue Tuna.
  • El Bulli: Cooking in Progress. Catalan chef Ferran Adriá of El Bulli, one of the world’s best restaurants, shows in this documentary how he leads his restaurant and innovates his culinary skills supported by his staff. Interesting!
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    2 thoughts on “30 days movie challenge day 24: Your favorite documentary

    1. I have not watched any of these yet but already looked them up. Did you read the book “Food Nation”? It is definitely an eye opener, since you love food:)

      • Yes I read that book. I love documentaries. Another documentary I thought you would like is BBC’s The Spice Trail from Kate Humble. She tracks down the spice route from Morocco to Srilanka to the Moluccas, Indonesia. And I am a fond fan of Louis Theroux documentary series. Now I am following Survival The Tribe with Hauzen Audel at National Geographic Channel.

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