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30 days movie challenge day 21: The most overrated movie

In my opinion the most overrated movie for now is Gravity from Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón. Starring Hollywood superstars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, I find this movie very boring.  The story is too sentimental and it is too long.


The plot is as the following. Two astronauts are in the outer space to repair the broken Hubble telescope. This mission is disturbed by Russian satellite debris. So there they are, stranded somewhere in the orbit around the earth. This is the first mission of Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), accompanied by experienced Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney). In the middle of the story Kowalsky offers himself so that Stone can go back to earth, which she does.

There are awkward exaggerated scenes like Stone hyperventilating, Stone who seems not capable of solving problems. That makes me wonder. To be an astronauts one has to undergo tight and heavy selection procedure, right? I believe astronauts are trained well how to cope with different situations. So why does Stone is depicted like she doesn’t know what to do? My next question is; Is it possible that this happens in a real mission?

Although I present this as the most overrated movie, I don’t say Gravity is bad. It is lauded with several prizes. Gravity just doesn’t work for me.


13 thoughts on “30 days movie challenge day 21: The most overrated movie

  1. Kebalikan deh mbak ik suka Gravity, jatohnya di gue kayak film horor secara outer space tu buat gue nakutin. Mbak yoyen, OOT. Heb je Interstellar gezien? penasaran sm pendapat nya jij 😀

    • Ngga jelek banget sih Gravity menurut gw Pie tapi ada beberapa adegan yang dialognya berlebihan. Dan menurut gw durasi film bisa lebih pendek. Ini memang selera pribadi ya. Udah nonton Solaris (George Clooney) & Apollo 13 (Tom Hanks)? Ini film sci fi outer space yang klop semua menurut gw.

      Rencananya mau lihat Interstellar week end ini Pie.

  2. Mba yo, kl aku demen film yg ceritanya terjebak di luar angkasa gini. Lumayan seru, walaupun memang ada beberapa hal yg agak ga masuk akal kayak yg mba jelasin di atas. Lebih suka film ini dibanding Interstellar 😀

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