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30 days movie challenge day 18: A movie that disappointed you the most

First of all, I want to say that the word ‘the most’ in today’s challenge is quite relative. I have a list of disappointing movies. Movies that I had huge expectation of before I saw them. The most recent one is Ronin 47 starring Keanu Reeves.

And Alex Cross. Tyler Perry is okeyish as the title’s character but casting pumped up Matthew Fox as the bad guy is just wrong. This Alex Cross movie lacks thriller, good acting and awesome storyline. It is not as convincing as its previous ones starring Morgan Freeman as detective Cross in Along came a spider and Kiss the girls. IMG_7629.JPG

Other movies on my list from this challenge are:

  • Batman and Robin. George Clooney is the worst Batman ever. I hope Ben Affleck would do better although I doubt it.
  • Alexander. Colin Farrel as Alexander the great is not convincing. At all.
  • The girl with the dragon tattoo. This one doesn’t capture the feeling well. I prefer the original one from Sweden starring Noomi Rapace; Män som hatar kvinnor and the other two of based on Stieg Larsson’s trilogy Luftslottet som sprängdes and
    Flickan som lekte med elden.
  • The Raid 2. This sequel of Indonesian action movie is just ridiculous. Snow in Jakarta, a city in the equator, come on! So sorry about this one because the first one was well received internationally.
  • Some of Jennifer Lopez’s movies; Maid of Manhattan (Lopez’s overacts and the story is nah…), Gigli (the fall of Bennifer), The wedding planner (Lopez is being Lopez throughout the movie, Sign (this irritates me a lot). Strangely these Lopez’s movies I don’t like were produced after she started her singing career. Before that Lopez was quite a good actrice, I like Out of Sight, Blood and Wine, U Turn and Selena. Perhaps Miss Lopez has been over exposed as J Lo. This might work against her acting in my opinion.

  • I am going to end this post briefly: according to moi most sequel movies suck!


    8 thoughts on “30 days movie challenge day 18: A movie that disappointed you the most

    1. Baru bisa komentar skrg Yen…itu serius Raid 2 ada salju-nya? 😀 gw belum nonton..hahaha..kayaknya gw hindari deh kalau gitu..
      Setuju dgn The girl with the dragon tattoo – gw lebih suka yg original kemana-mana..

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