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30 days movie challenge day 17: the best movie you saw last year

The best movies I saw in 2013 are; Lincoln, The Butler, The Great Gatsby, Mandela: A long walk to freedom & Hoe duur was de suiker.

The Butler tells the story of Cecil
Gaines who serves 8 presidents at the White House until his retirement. This movie shows social politics and human rights issues for 4 decades. It is also a drama about father and son. IMG_7597.JPG

The cast is amazing. Forest Withaker carries this movie as Cecil very well. Withaker never disappoints me. Oprah shines also as his wife. Cuba Gooding Jr and Lenny Kravitz as Cecil’s mate perform good as well.

The Butler is a time capsule in a part of American history about the black movement for the better rights.


6 thoughts on “30 days movie challenge day 17: the best movie you saw last year

  1. The Butler aku nonton di pesawat tapi nggak paham sama sekali, karena kecapekan. Harus beli dvdnya.

    Aku suka 30 days movie challenge, bisa dapat inspirasi film yang kelewatan atau perlu ditonton ulang.

    • Bagus Tje ceritanya. Apalagi waktu konflik antara The Butler dan anaknya yang jadi aktivis The Black Panther. Dialognya berkesan. Challenge ini sangat challenging karena tiap hari selama sebulan. Lama bo….

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