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30 days movie challenge day 16: The last movie you saw in theaters

3 cœurs (three hearts) from director Benoît Jacquot. This French drama is about a triangle love between a man and two sisters.


Marc (Belgian actor Benoît Poelvoorde) misses the last train to Paris. He meets Sylvie (Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin’s daughter). They spend the night together, talking and exploring the city during the night and falling in love the day after. Arriving in Paris they arrange a meeting a couple of days later. That day Sylvie waits but Marc doesn’t show up on time. She leaves not knowing Marc has a heart attack.

Later on Marc meets Sophie and falls in love. They are getting married. Meanwhile Sylvie who now lives in the USA finds out that her sister’s fiancé is Marc via video chat. Sylvie comes to the wedding despite this awkward situation.

My review
Excusez moi but I have to admit this movie promises something but doesn’t deliver. I miss certain clique between the three main character. Not to mention that it is unlikely today when two people are attracted to each other, they don’t change phone number or e-mail address.

Despite of the What if question I had while I was watching this, I enjoy the images of Paris and that city in the province. And oh yes, Catherine Deneuve (the sisters’ mother) is as elegant as always. In real life she is the mother of Chiara Mastroianni (Sophie).

In some ways 3 cœurs reminds me of Before sunrise/sunset (strangers who talk all night and fall in love but don’t end up together) and Sliding doors (What if Marc & Sylvie change their phone number?).

4 thoughts on “30 days movie challenge day 16: The last movie you saw in theaters

  1. Penasaran film ini. Serendipity juga kalau gak salah ya? Nulis no. Telphone di buku dan lihat takdir apa yang bawa mereka (seingat saya begitu koreksi kalo salah, agak2 lupa:) ). Yang saya suka banget film Once Glen hansard& Marketa Irglova,seingat saya sampai akhir film mereka bahkan tidak bertukar nama tapi gak pisahan sih 🙂

    • Tapi Serendipity kan masih tukeran nr. telp. Di 3 coeurs ini hanya tahu nama dan lokasi janjiannya Ru, makanya gemes juga selama nonton ini.

    • Yes I know. Charlotte Gainsbourg plays a role in Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, right? Seru juga lihat sutradara yang punya muse ya. Seperti Martin Scorsese dengan Robert de Niro & Leonardo DiCaprio & Steve McQueen dengan Michael Fassbender.

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