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30 days movie challenge day 15: The first movie you saw in theaters

I doubt between Superman (starring Christopher Reeve) dan The Champ to be honest. I chose to write about The Champ as I still can recall that I cried a river after we (mum, dad, my oldest sister and I) left the theater. I must have been 7 or 8 back then somewhere in 1979/1980. We went to see this movie in Megaria Theater located in Central Jakarta which was quite far from our house.


Boxing champion Billy Flynn (beautiful role of Jon Voight, Angelina Jolie’s father) lives a quiet life with his son TJ (Rick Schroder) after his wife, Annie (Faye Dunaway) left him a couple of years earlier.

Billy needs money to pay his gambling debts so he decides to box again. Annie comes back and wants the custody over TJ. Busy with his comeback Billy boxes again but one battle becomes fatal. Billy died. I still remember this scene, TJ wakes up Billy by shaking his body and calling, Champ, champ.

This is a real tearjerker. A drama about Father and Son. When I was a teen I watched this movie for the second time with my sister. And still we could not keep our eyes dry, we cried again. The ending is so…so…sad.


7 thoughts on “30 days movie challenge day 15: The first movie you saw in theaters

  1. Titanic. Hahaha. Saya dan sahabat saya pas SMA punya celengan bersama. Karena dah penuh kami pecah celengan dan pergi ke bioskop di kota nonton Titanic. Saya tinggal dikampung 🙂

  2. Beauty and the Beast, nonton nya di blok M, terus satu bioskop sama Gladys Suwandi. Jaman dulu anak Malang lihat artis udah waaaaaaah, biarpun nggak tahu Gladys itu siapa. LOL.

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