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30 days movie challenge day 13: A movie you used to love but now hate

I am afraid I fail today’s challenge as I can’t find any movie which fits into it. I mean for a movie buff like me movies are part of my life. In certain age I like certain movie genre. For example now that I am a middle age woman I am not attracted to Vampire inspired movies such as The Twilight Saga. If I was young now perhaps I would have liked it.

Based on how I see and watch the movies I am aware that some of my favorite movies from my youth are not my favorite anymore, but I do not hate them. Movies I used to like in my teen and early 20es years are: Gremlins, About last night, Top Gun, Karate Kid, Heathers, Beverly Hills Cop, The Princess Bride, Ferris Bueller’s day off, Back to the future, Ghostbusters, The Breakfast Club and many more. Looking back at that list, those movies are not my favorite anymore but I don’t hate them.


To answer today’s challenge I guess I’d pick Sex and the city (SATC) the movie part 2. I don’t hate this movie nor I love it. I like the first one in a way that it fulfills the curiosity after the tv series end. But SATC 2 is over the top. What I noticed is the ladies change their clothes in almost every scene when they are in Dubai. Surely they don’t travel light, do they?

For men out there, the reasons of SATC’s succes are: 4 best girlfriends forever, fashion and men. What I find silly and rather unlogic is how Samantha Jones (Kim Cattral) behaves while in Dubai. As a succesful PR executive Samantha must have known the coleur locale in the Middle – East. This refers to how to properly dressed and behave.

SATC 2 is so silly in my opinion compared to the first one. This is a modern princesses story sugar coated in exotic location, haute couture fashion in the desert and presented with best friends forever message. At the end, everybody is beautiful and happy. In real life we know this doesn’t always happen this way.


15 thoughts on “30 days movie challenge day 13: A movie you used to love but now hate

  1. I agree with you, it is a silly movie, everything is an exaggeration on fashion, on luxury and on naivety, but again, maybe that’s it, the American naivety and ignorance they want to portray, the way they don’t want to accept other culture….

    • Selama nonton SATC di bios ribet sendiri merhatiin yang begini Jo, jadi ngga menikmati filmnya kecuali waktu Carrie ciuman sama Aidan.

  2. Used to love freaky friday, herbie, bring it on waktu teenager but not anymore. Now in my late 20s i like movies like no reservation, the best of me.

  3. Ugh…totally agree with this one.

    Pernah sempet dibahas gimana caranya Carrie kolumnis freelance kok bisa beli barang2 bermerek ini itu. Okelah klo dapet dari sponsor, tapi kan sering tuh diliatin di TV seriesnya kalau dia sendiri yang belanja *dibahas*

  4. Can’t agree more with you in SATC 2, I love the first one but not the second one. It’s a bit over in everything and ridiculous I think.

    • SATC 1 masih cucok lah. Yang kedua berlebihan. Apa ada orang jetset yang safari desert bajunya kaya mau kepesta gitu? Bener-bener konyol menurut gw 😉

    • Ngga semua sequel jelek sih tapi memang SATC 2 adalah contoh terbaik dari sekuel terburuk. Sepertinya produser hanya lihat lambang dollar buat film ini. Konyol lihatnya tapi ya aku nonton juga dibioskop karena penasaran terus nyesel abis itu ha…ha..

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