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30 days movie challenge, day 12: Your favorite animated movie

First of all I want to say that I love animation movies. When I was a child, my father who was an artist, explained to me and my sisters how animation worked. He made a number of drawings from a running boy, from the start to finish. He called these drawing frames. He put the drawings on a stack and held them with his thumb, moving them quickly bottom up. My sisters and I saw the boy running. Amazing!

So that was my first knowledge of animation. At that time (the end of 1970es) my sisters and I were fan of Disney’s classic animation movies such tas Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, The lady and the tramp, 101 Dalmatians, Jungle Book & Alice in Wonderland.

My love for animation movies has continued untill now. One of my favourite is Mulan from Disney. Mulan was released in 1998. It is based on a Chinese legend about a tomboy girl, disguised as a girl to fight in war. Unlike other Disney main characters at that time, Mulan is refreshing. She knows what she wants and how to get it. If you want to know more about Hua Mulan the legend, read the comparison of Disney Mulan and Mulan the legend.


The animation and the frames are beautiful. The colours, with much reddish tones, are vivid, yet the lines are clean but not clinical. The scene when the soldiers activate the warning system by lighting fire at the post on Chinese Great Wall is amazing. The finale shows a battle in the Forbidden City. I love Mushu, the irritating little dragon. And I love Mulan’s grandma, she is witty and chill.

A few years later, a sequel was released but it is not as good as the first one. Perhaps Disney hoped to score again which unfortunately didn’t happen.

I love animated movies as I know how difficult it is to make them. I appreciate the craft and the makers. Animated movies always make me happy. I don’t think they are only for children. Adults enjoy watching animated movies too. Moreover there is a child in everyone of us.

Now I am patiently waiting for the sequel of The Incredibles. Pixar, Disney or whoever makes it, it’d better be good!

17 thoughts on “30 days movie challenge, day 12: Your favorite animated movie

  1. As a father of 4 kids I also watched a lot of animated movies. A few of them still are amongst my favorite movies.

    I still am fond of Jungle Book, where I specially like easy-going Balloo. Other favorites of mine are Toy Story and The Lion King, in this movie I like the music very much.

    Music in my opinion is very important to a movie. For instance the music in another great animated movie Despicable Me, makes me happy!

    • For this challenge I am supposed to choose one movie every day, but actually I have many favourite animated movies. Ah Jungle Book is cool. I love King Louie and the mighty Shere Khan. And I think Lion King is awesome. Lion King’s cast is impressive, especially James Earl Jones (Mufasa) and Jeremy Irons (Scar). It is also one of my faves.

      I agree with you, soundtrack is important to a movie. It supports the feel the director wants to achieve.

      Somehow you remind me of my own father who accompanied my and my sisters watching animated movies.

  2. aku suka banget sama animasi, film dan series. tapi ga begitu suka disney ataupun western animated movies. much prefer the Japanese ones like Howl’s Moving Castle. but each to their own 🙂

    • Aku ngga suka Anime, gambarnya terlalu klinis menurutku. Dimataku kebanyakan garis lurusnya :-). Ini bukan berarti aku bilang jelek ya, hanya betul kamu bilang, selera orang beda-beda.

    • But now that my daughter has grown, I don’t nee the moral lesson at the end. Especially when it is really clear and brought American style, you know what I mean? Living in Europe, I can see the difference in storytelling.

      Nope, I haven’t. I am going to search for Kirikou et la sorcière. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Gue juga suka Mulan! pake banget 🙂 I have watched the movies so many times hehehe. I also love animation movies, Disney and Pixar are the best… My fave one from Disney is Ratatouille and UP (produced by Pixar but released by Disney).

      • No, I meant protagonist. A protagonist is a main character in a narrative. Thus, I claimed that we should have more strong female leads like Mulan (and Merida/Pocahontas who are also protagonists).

  4. Mba yo…Mulan ini pernah dipentasin diskolahku…keren banget katanya..sayang aku ngga liat krna pas lagi cuti lahiran Gavin….

  5. apalagi lah klo bukan Frozen…. let it goooooooo let it gooooooooooo
    (as i have watched it for hundreds thousands millions time) phewww

  6. Jika ada yang mengatakan bahwa film kartun Frozen adalah tonggak dimana tokoh wanita menjadi tokoh yang mandiri menentukan hidupnya, daku bilang Mulan lah yang pertama, dan istimewanya ini tentang gadis chinese bukan bule :). Mulan kesukaan anak perempuan daku, jalan ceritanya mengalir dengan enak, kecuali klise klise ala holiwud juga nyempil disitu. menurut daku UP adalah film kartun terbaik dari Disney karena sangat dekat menyentuh kehidupan yang riil, a very touching lop setori 🙂

    • Yang bilang Frozen tonggal wanita mandiri di Disney masih muda mungkin ;-). Sebelum Mulan udah ada Pocahontas. Antara Mulan dan Frozen udah ada Merida. Mereka semuanya perempuan berani yang menentukan nasib sendiri.

      Mulan memang bagus ya, cuma Mulan 2 kok kurang greget lihatnya.

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