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30 days movie challenge day 11: Favorite movie from your childhood

That is no doubt, The sound of music!


As a child I found this movie very romantic. The sound of music is based on a true story of the Von Trapp family. A candidate nun leaves the convent to be a wife of a widower with 7 children. She comes to the family first as a nanny. Maria conquers the heart of the naughty Von Trapp children through music. I love the scene of Liesl (the oldest child) and her boyfriend, singing in the rain in the evening ‘I am sixteen going on seventeen’. I adore father Von Trapp playing guitar on the festival with the family singing ‘Edelweiss’. Ah, this brings back so many child memories. I was kind of fall in love with Christopher Plummer at that time, I was six if I recall this well. He was so sophisticated and handsome. And he still is. Last movies of Plummer I saw are The Lake House (Keanu Reeve’s character’s father) and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Henrik Vanger) . He is still handsome in my eyes, a very good looking grandpa.

When Maria starts to flirt with Captain Von Trapp, they sing ‘Something good’ together:

‘Somewhere in my youth and childhood. I must have done something good’.



24 thoughts on “30 days movie challenge day 11: Favorite movie from your childhood

  1. Udah nonton lebih dari 20 kali… termasuk versi remake musicalnya yg si Carrie Underwood, dan masih tetep terharu. Apalagi pas adegan mereka pertama kali dansa di acara pesta di rumah si Kapten.

  2. Waa baru tau kalau Christopher Plummer main juga di Lake House. Both are some of my favorite movies.. but I’m the kind of person who don’t really pay attention to the actors, only the characters.

      • Nah sejak baca movie challenge kamu, aku jadi banyak nambah info2 aktor/aktris bahkan sutradara lho… Biasanya mah nonton filmnya aja. Hehe thanks for sharing, ditunggu tulisan2 tentang film lainnya πŸ™‚

  3. Edelweis edelweis, I’m Happy to meet you…. Clear and white…

    Ini film emang top. Ada tawa, ada romantis, ada seru, ada bagian menegangkan lagi, apalagi pas lagi diuber uber sama pasukan waktu di pemakaman.

    Mungkin Little House on The Prairie bisa juga jadi the favourite… πŸ™‚

    • Edelweiss, edelweiss every morning you greet me small and white clean and bright you look happy to meet me.

      Little House on The Prairie favorit juga karena dulu ngga ada pilihan lain, channel tv cuma satu. Eh tapi ini kan tv seri bukan film bioskop. Ada challenge lainnya mungkin untuk tv seri.

    • Iya ya Shin, masih piyik aja aku udah naksir ha…ha…dan tuanya masih ganteng pula. Kalo aku lihat Michael Fassbender rada mirip Christopher Plummer waktu si opa ini masih muda. Maksa yah ha..ha…

  4. My fave tooooooo aku mau ajakin anak anak nonton kan aku punya vcd nya (iya masih vcd pas kubeli masa gadis dulu) tapi bapake bilang itu masih kepanjangan buat anak 6 dan 5 thn eh ternyata dikau nontonnya umur 6 ya hahaha

  5. Kalo aku crushing nya sama Friedrich :3 ahahahahhaaa
    Gara2 si papa dulu di Jerman jadi anaknya ditontonin film2 beginian… Suka sih, tp di Indonesia ngga diputer :/

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