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MM: Canção do Mar

This Music Monday is dedicated to 30 days movie challenge I am doing right now. Canção do Mar is a Portuguese Fado from Dulce Pontes. This melancholic song is part of the soundtrack from the movie Primal Fear starring Richard Gere. In the movie you hear Canção do Mar in the scene where Richard Gere’s character sit in one café waiting for a woman. I don’t speak Portuguese but I love Fado. Listening to the melody makes me feel the melancholy although I don’t understand the lyrics. Ok, I could guess some words as they seem similar like Spanish words. Read the explanation about Fado in What is Fado. Canção do Mar means Song of the Sea. I hear sorrow, lonelyness and pain in it. What do you hear?

6 thoughts on “MM: Canção do Mar

  1. The tune first started out as a classical symphony from the 1800s and in the 50s was re-arranged by Ferrer Trindade and sung by fado diva Amalia Rodrigues with portuguese lyrics by Frederico Brito, for the 1955 French movie “Les Amants du Tage”. That first version was titled “Solidão”. (Solitude).
    In 1995 Dulce Pontes released a full orchestral version titled “Canção do Mar” (with different portuguese lyrics) which became an international hit and was featured in the Hollywood movie “Primeal Fear” as the soundtrack.
    Other versions :Waldir Azevedo, Rão Kyao, Eve Zanni, Das Balue Einhorn, Lenny Kuhr and in 2016 by Tony Carreira. Also as Solidão by Pink Martini.
    English versions : as “Song of the Sea” by Caterina Valente (1962) and “Harem” by Sarah Brightman (2003)
    Spanish version as “Oye, Mar” by Chenoa, and french as “Elle, tu l’aimes” by Hélène Segara.
    A few other versions include Greece, Turkey and Finland.

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