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30 days movie challenge day 2: The last movie you watched

The last movie I watched was Hercules starring Dwayne Johnson. I watched it on tv, on demand.

It is quite a challenge to make a movie based in Greek legends and mythology. There are myths, gods, fearful monsters and landscapes beyond imagination. In this movie there are no monsters, no nymphs, no glorious fights and no gods. Instead you see Hercules and co as mercenaries, helping Lord Cotys dealing with the rebels.

It is just another action movie starring a big action movie star. Although I wonder what Joseph Fiennes, Rufus Sewell and Ian McShane are doing in the cast. They are all outstanding actors, play actors as well. it is a shame of their talent.

One last thing before this post ends. Inaccuracies in the storyline irritate me. I noticed this during the movie. First; a small detail. Hercules is depicted in ancient Greek with short, curly hair. Dwayne Johnson’s hair is shoulder length. Second; a big detail. Hercules does murder his wife and children. He was made dellusional by the jealous god Hera, Zeus’ wife. Hera makes Hercules thinks that his family is the family of king Eurystheus. So in rage and dellusional, Hercules murders his own family. In the movie King Eurystheus (Joseph Fiennes) admits it is he who orders to murder Hercules family.

As an avid Greek legend I am disappointed by this movie. This is as I expected after having seen the trailer though. I kind of knew not to set my expectations high.

Now it is waiting time for another block buster productions which will do the Greek legends with all their grandeur justice.


One thought on “30 days movie challenge day 2: The last movie you watched

  1. Saya ga nonton ini mbak Yo, ga terlalu suka hehehe. Tapi Melvyn semangat banget ceritain film ini ke saya, untung mbak Yoyen cerita jadi saya ga bengong2 amat lah kalo dia ungkit2 lagi (saya dengerinnya sambil nguap kemarin xixixi) 😛

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