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My 5 unforgettable moments

This second posf of 5 Wednesdays in October post chain is a compilation of my 5 unforgettable moments. Teppy from The Freaky Teppy asked my 5 memorable memories (funny, daring, unforgettable) and Allane from Packing my suitcase wanted me to share one or two funny stories about me. So I added these two inquiries together in one post.

Don’t try this at home but you may try it at school
I must have been 5 years old when my parents took me and my sisters to a circus for the first time. I was amazed by the acrobatics troupe during the show. So amazed that the following day I stood in bridge position (Kayang in Bahasa Indonesia) on a swing at school. I asked my friends to push the swing as hard and high as they could. They obliged and did so. Of course I fell, hard. My forehead was severely bruised and I got three bumps on my forehead. Now thinking about this, I was lucky my neck was not broken. This was not the first and the last accident though. I was a naughty, lean, dare-devil tomboy back then who often miscalculated how my body elasticity reacted. A bunch of scars on my arms and legs remind me of this wild time. And eh, sorry mum for the worries.

Pic is courtesy of Beijing show booking.

The show must go on
I love to dance and I had performed often untillย  I stopped in 2006. There are silly, scary and funny dancing experiences I have. I want to share one of them. When I was 5 years old I had this dance examination for Balinese dance. All pupils from that Balinese dance school, performed on stage in front of families and friends and of course in front of the dance teachers and dance commission. I was standing behind the curtain when I heard my dance teacher shouting ‘Girls, get ready in 2 minutes’. Shortly after I heard the music and I jumped behind the lines and went to stage. After the first turn, my dance teacher tried to attract my attention ‘Yoyen, come back. You are still wearing your flip – flops’. I went aside, got my flip – flops off and continued dancing. That night I passed the exam :-).ย  Note: Indonesian traditional dancers dance bare foot.

Tari Gabor
Pic is courtesy of Invateam.

Blurry Ferry
In 1991 I went on a girls trip from Jakarta to Bali by bus. The bus crossed the Java strait from Banyuwangi (Java) to Gilimanuk (Bali) by ferry in the afternoon. The tides were high, we were standing at the deck, chatting with a bunch of nice guys. All of the sudden I felt so sick and threw up. This was so embarrassing but the boys took really good care of me while my friend went to the bus to get a clean shirt for me. That was the day I discovered I had sea sickness.

Keep calm
I met my husband in Bali, being proposed there and spent the honeymoon there. On the first day of our honeymoon end of August 1995 we were at the Kuta Beach. I went swimming alone as my new husband was reading a book at the beach. I was/am a good swimmer. Without hesitation I took the plunge and swam away. After what it felt like 5 minutes, I heard a long whistle and men’s voice. “Miss, swim calmly back to shore and let the tides take you”.

In a second I was wondering, did they shout at me? Then I looked around and I realized, they were shouting at me. Apparently I was driven quite far from the beach. After that I got panicked a bit but I kept telling myself keep calm and do as the boys from the beach watch said. I swam back, while my arms and legs felt sore and heavy. Suddenly I was hit hardly by a high wave. I was drowning.

Being sucked by the current I thought I needed to feel the sea bottom, where I could bounce back and reached the beach safely. So I did. Extremely exhausted I got off the sea, my husband welcomed me and we thanked the beach watch. The boys complimented me for staying so calmly. However not quite long after, I shocked, my body was shaking hard and a minute later I was crying. It was so stupid of me, I didn’t see two red flags on the side. From that time I have paid attention well if I swim in open water.

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen
This is a silly accident. It happened last year when I was making pizza. I made the pizza dough according to an original Italian recipe. The recipe instructed Bake the pizza in a hot oven 250 degree Celsius for 8 minutes.

I wanted to have crispy and crusty pizza so I set my oven temperature to 300 degree Cel. I shortened the baking time. After 6 minutes, I opened the oven door and took the golden brown pizza out. A second after I opened the oven door I smelled burned hair. It turned out the lashes of both my eyes were burnt by the heat!

I immediately ran to a mirror to check how bad it was. It was bad but I laughed about it. I knew it was my fault and the lashes would grow again anyway. Strangely, I felt awkward not having eye lashes for 2 weeks. In the third week they started to grow. Now I know how to bake homemade pizza safely.

That was it folks, my 5 unforgettable moments for now. No doubt some new ones will come. I actually don’t know if I look forward to it ๐Ÿ™‚


40 thoughts on “My 5 unforgettable moments

    • Yes, the oven was too hot. Ovenku itu tempatnya sesuai tinggi aku, mulai dari pinggul keatas. Pintunya dibuka dari atas kebawah. Jadi waktu keluarin pizza, hawa panas langsung bakar bulu mata. Konyol banget kejadian ini Dine ๐Ÿ™‚ Sebelum itu paling panas aku pake temperatur 250 derajat soalnya.

  1. Berenang sampe kebawa ombak itu asli serem banget mbak, Yaampyuuun, thank God you are save… Cerita yg terakhir ngeri tapi lucu banget, qkqkqk.. saatnya pake bulu mata palsu cetar membahana mbaaak qkqkqkqk..

    • Ngeri Shin. Aku nangis selain karna shock juga nyadar kasian banget suamiku kalo aku ngga selamet, baru nikah istrinya kecelakaaan dilaut. Bener nangis sesenggukan sambil minta maaf kedia.

      Ha…ha….bulu mata palsu badai cetar membahana ngga mempan badai londo Shin. Aku mentertawakan kebodohan sendiri sampe kolegaku semua juga ketawa aku dua minggu botak bulu mata ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Iya Tep. Sekarang kalo berenang di laut ik selalu merhatiin bendera-bendera dari beach watch gitu. Dan kalo berenang sendiri, bentar-bentar lihat pantai untuk ancer-ancer udah berapa jauh jaraknya. Burning lashes itu kocak dan kejadiannya cepet banget ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Eh kirain aku aja yg pernah mencebur got gara2 ngebut naik sepeda, udah gitu sepeda punya temen lagi๐Ÿ˜
    Gak ada bulu mata aneh gak sih muka kelihatannya๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜

  3. ampun lucu banget yang no 1 ma 2 mbak lol. Sama akik jg punya sea sick adoohh sumber malapetaka kalo dibawa nyebrang pasti gue malu maluin (heboh sendiri di pojokan kapal)…untuuunng mba yoyen selameett, itu suami jg udah dag dig dug di tepian kali ya. nyokap gw pernah jg ya lagi ngebersiin kompor eh kompornya mbledug loh. kebakar alisnya, sampe sekarang numbuhnya cuma segaris :0 emang harus hati2x sm kompor dan oven deh kalo di dapur..

    • Itu gw inget Pie, nyokap gw ngamuk sambil ngomel ‘Kamu itu perempuan tahu, kok benjol sampe tiga di jidat’ ha..ha..Nah si Ron ngga ngeh, dia kan asik baca buku. Tahunya setelah gw sampe pantai dan kedua, terus beach watchnya dateng nyamperin sambil muji gw ‘Mbak, untung mbaknya tenang berenang balik jadi selamat sampe pantai ya’. Si Ron ngga ngerti bahasa Indonesia waktu itu terus gw cerita pengalaman gw. Eh baru deh gw nangis sesenggukan sampe satu mas beach watch itu bilang ‘Mbak, ini lagi schok sekarang. Duduk dulu saya ambilin minum. Dia beliin gw teh botol dingin’. Asli gw gemeteran Pie. Jadi pantai Kuta itu dasarnya curam. Sekarang yang orang suka berenang itu paling 10 meter dari pantai dalemnya hanya 1,5 meteran gitu. Setelah dasar 10 meteran itu langsung jeblok dalem 4 – 5 meteran gitu. Cape berenang di laut kalo pake panik. Berat lengan dan kaki.

      Ha..ha..nyokap loe pengalaman sama ya. Untung alis gw ngga kebakar sampe akarnya sih. Ah, itu ngeri banget kompornya meledak gitu?

      • kebayang itu shock nya parah dah…untung ya mbak situ bs berenang coba! bener pantai Kuta emang sonoannya daleeemm! makanya pan ga boleh jauh2 renangnya. Kompor minyak mbak udah lama ga dipake trus dibersiin kayaknya tuh dulu pas mo lebaran deh. Jadi mo make tu kompor buat masak ketupat drpd make kompor gas. Gatau gimana kali dia nyalain tuh kompor pas abis bersiin eh mbledug! Mak gw udah kaya ET tanpa alis hahaha…jd bahan ketawaan sodara2x..kesian jg cm lucu bgt muka nya.

    • Ngeri Gi, agak trauma juga makanya kalo berenang di laut sekarang hanya deket anak-anak kecil aja, pasti cetek kan ๐Ÿ™‚ Tanpa bulu mata? Biasa aja sih cuma rasa aneh sendiri.

  4. Mba yoooo ya ampunnnn wild wild west banget ya waktu kecilnya hihih….eh tapi aku udah ada di draft juga ttg semua ke clumsy-an diriku yg mana kalo diingat2 bisa bikin ngakak. Kurang lebih kyak tulisan ini.

    Dan ter-epic dari 5 kisah diatas adalah… bulu mata dan oven…hahahaha kok bisa yaaa? Asli ini bikin ngakak banget… 300 dercel….pizzanya gosong ga tuh? Lol

  5. Wah good to know Kalau bulu mata bisa kebakar, jadi bisa ati2. Btw, itu berenang ngeri banget mbak, apalagi kuta ombaknya kenceng banget. Untuk slamet ya mbak.

  6. Ya ampun Yen..yang kebawa arus laut itu ngeri juga, untung banget selamat. Masa kecil -mu bahagia sekali Yen, mulai dari nari sampai nyobain jadi artis sirkus :D..

    BTW, bulu alis mata itu numbuhnya berapa lama Yen? Maaf berat malah ketawa geli gw dengan kejadian bulu mata terbakar ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Iya Ndah, masa kecil gw bahagia banget ๐Ÿ™‚ Lucunya walaupn gw dulu tomboy tapi gw juga suka nari dan mentas ini itu, nyanyi, nari, baca sajak lah.

      Numbuhnya 1,5 minggu deh kira-kira bulu mata ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Oh wow mbak…hebat juga kamu renang di perairan terbuka. Aku belum seberani itu. cukup di kolam renang aja dan baru akan mau coba snorkling nanti kalau ke bunaken.

  8. Yang di Bali kebayang banget takutnya, Mbak. Secara saya nggak bisa berenang. Kalau saya yang begitu, wah udah kacau balau. Hebat Mba bisa tetep stay calm. Hehe.

    • Tetep kalem tapi dikepala panik cuma keinginan untuk survive lebih besar. Makanya sambil berenang balik ke pantai gaya punggung, aku mikirnya gitu.

  9. Ya ampun mba.. Ternyata masa kecilnya, ahaha.. Tapi emg yg serius bgt yg di laut. Ga kebayang klo ga selamat, lagi hanimun gtu pula, baru nikah.. Untung ya mba masih slmat ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Justru karna bandel dan nakal jadi banyak moment yg bagus ya, hubby guw jg gitu bandel waktu kecil dan dia bilang itu life experience dia ga kaya gua yg adem ayem aja semasa kecil.
    Kalo gua pernah lagi dance performance di TIM (nari bali juga) terus kesandung karna jalan pake kain kan susah ya, dan jatuh, tapi terus buru2 berdiri dan terusin nari lagi, kalo ga salah ladi nari pendet dan untung itu mangkoknya ga ada isinya kalo ga panggungnya bisa bertaburan segala macem:)
    Rasanya gimana ga py bulu mata? Hubby gua pernah kumisnya kebakar gitu gara gara lagi ngutak ngutik gas heater, untung cuma itu aja dan dianya ga kenapa napa.

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