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Castle Huis Bergh

Huis Bergh is one of the largest castles in The Netherlands. It is located in the town of ‘s Heerenberg, only 3 minutes from the German Border.


Huis Bergh got its name from its owner, the Bergh clan. First mention of the Bergh dated from the year of 1100. The lords of Bergh were vassals of the Duke of Gelre. The Gelderland province where the castle Huis Bergh is located was once the territory of the Duke of Gelre. Around 1250 Henrick van den Bergh started to build this castle for his family. This castle has undergone many renovations and a couple of sieges ever since.

The entrance. The castle stands on the left.

During Dutch revolt to Spain in 1568 – 1648, the castle was severely damaged. It had been besieged for 12 years! The death of count Oswald III in 1712 ended the Bergh’s clan existence. After his passing, Oswald German’s cousin Franz Wilhelm von Hohenzollern inherited it. In 1735 Huis Bergh was destroyed by fire. Shortly after Franz Wilhelm also deceased. The Hohenzollerns did not reside in the castle as they had another ones elsewhere.

A bridge to the property

From then the castle had been used as a temporary monastery from 1799 – 1842. After that it stayed empty. The Von Hohenzollern finally sold it to Jan Herman van Eek in 1912. Van Eek was a rich industrialist from Enschede. He renovated it and restored its medieval grandeur by bringing in the interior, art collection and manuscripts. In 1939 the castle was burnt but the renovation was resumed immediately.

In 1946 Van Heek donated this fully renovated castle to a foundation. This foundation has opened Castle Huis Bergh as a museum we know today.

Lay out of Huis Bergh. It is surrounded by water, a well-known form of defense at that time.


Teehuis or Tea House where visitors buy the entry ticket. It is also a cafe.



The castle’s entry

The weapon of The Bergh’s




The path behind the castle.


The church next to the castle with its grave yard where Bergh lords and Van Heek are burried.


Castle Huis Bergh is an impressive medieval building with a long and rich history. Visitors get an impression of life of The Bergh by exploring it outside and inside.

Huis Bergh
Graafschap Middeleeuwen


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    • Keren memang Firsty. Kebanyakan keluarga bangsawan sini mengelola kastilnya mereka buka untuk umum, publik bayar tiket masuk supaya menutup biaya perawatan.

  1. Kayaknya kalo musim gugur warna coklatnya lebih menonjol ya mbak. Jadi berasa romantis liat foto2 nya *ngayal senin pagi* πŸ˜†

  2. kastil ini dulu kan tempat tinggal ya? rupanya perlu juga dibangun parit perlindungan dan bastion..
    apa jaman dulu di sana main perang2an juga ?

    • Ngga main perang-perangan, memang perang beneran Mon. Di abad pertengahan (medieval age) memang kastil tempat tinggal dan fort makanya selalu ada menara penjaga. Semakin kesini ada bedanya kastil tempat tinggal dan fort.

  3. Hallo Mba, salam kenal ^^
    Cakep banget deh castlenya! Taman dei depan castlenya juga bagus ya terawat gitu. Coba itu bangunan2 tua yang di kota Tua Jakarta rapi & dirawat gini, pasti bisa bagus juga.

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