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HDR photography

High Dynamic Range (HDR) has been present for a while in Photography world. This is a technique where contrast between light and dark (tonemapping) is visible. HDR also emphasizes contrast within colour tones. Some new generation SLR cameras offer this HDR technique. HDR is also achieved during postprocessing.

HDR photographs are dramatic, artsy and intriguing if it is applied well. I wrote on Instagram that I hated HDR photography. What I precisely do not like is HDR on portraits. It makes the models look like wax figures. Heavy HDR photographs are not for me either.

I hardly shoot or edit HDR pictures but here are some amazing ones from other photographers on Flickr.

Pic courtesy Graham EzzyIMG_6920.JPG
Pic courtesy of Diegoa8024

Pic courtesy of gimmeocean

Pic courtesy of toco112

Pic courtesy of spotter_80

Pic courtesy of Nil

Pic courtesy of Jason Dinelli

What I find beautiful is HDR on landscape, architecture, urban and indoor and outdoor photography. Am I picky about HDR because I mostly shoot food pics? I prefer natural light which results in photographs with natural colours in it.

What do you think of HDR photography? Like it or not?


3 thoughts on “HDR photography

  1. They are quiet striking aren’t they? I need to learn more about HDR to comment, but to be honest I am not sure about the sunflower photo here. I need to see/ examples odf it on food and people. But I am sure you are right mba.

    • They are striking, artsy and artificial. The latter doesn’t necessarily mean negative.

      Why do you find the Sunflower pic odd? Is it because of the angle (taken with fish eye lens I believe)?

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