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Scotland votes

Today is the Scottish referendum for independence. Scottish of 16 years and older vote for Yes or No.

Pic courtesy of The Telegraph UK

Both sides have their own arguments, the yes camp vs the no camp. British PM David Cameron plead Scotland to stay within UK.

As an outsider from another EU country I follow this with interest. How would Scotland votes? If Scotland says no, there would not be many changes. If Scotland votes yes, I have the following questions: Is the country strong enough to stand on its feet if Scottish votes yes? How would the separation from GB be executed? Would independent Scotland use € and be an EU member? Would Scotland be included in Schengen treaty? What will be over from the Great Britain?

And more importantly, how would the result affect other independence movements in Europe such as in Catalunia & Basque? This  Scottish referendum has stirred the same movements in the Low Lands; Belgium Vlaanderen/Flanders wants their freedom and in The Netherlands Friesland wants more autonomy.

I am following this matter with huge interest. To Scotland, good luck today!


18 thoughts on “Scotland votes

  1. This reminds me the time when Timor Leste (then Timor Timur) wanted to be separated from Indonesia. Although Scotland is way richer than Timor Leste, I think they’re not ready yet and don’t think about the consequences, I think it’s more like sentimental reason they want to be separated. I do welcome the idea if they are going to apply the Schengen rules tho’. I have been wanting to visit Scotland for so long!!

    • I am following European separation movements with huge interest. Really curious about the result as last poll was tight. Almost 50-50.

  2. Saya baru familiar dg istilah referendum sejak Timor Timur dan referendum di Australia whether or not Australia should become a republic itu th 1999 tahun pertama di kampus. Baru slese baca cerita fiksi yg settingnya di scotland juga, menarik jd penasaran hasilnya

  3. can’t wait to visit the newest country in the world:p secara negara terbaru sebelumnya south sudan keknya ga mungkin di visit dalam waktu dekat:))

    • Warna biru di Union Jack, bendera UK itu asalnya dari bendera Scotland. Yang merah bentuk salib itu asalnya bendera England. Dan merah silang miring itu bendera Ireland.

      • berarti perpaduan ya.. harus belajar tentang negara negara di Eropa nih… dah lama tak update ilmu tentang Eropa.. wah kemarin hasilnya mereka menolak menjadi negara sendiri ya..berarti tidak jadi merdeka…

  4. Quebec province (in Canada) had a referendum the mid to late 90s and the result came very close within a few % but it was a NO, it was a big day for Canada. (Some people in) Quebec wanted to separate themselves from Canada and they sad that France was backing them up 100%, but to tell you the truth, I am not sure how France will help Quebec if the result came out the other way.
    If the result came out Yes, how would Quebec run its business/ economic as it will be a country within a country. Scotland is different in a geographically compare to Quebec, there are waters surrounding it and it would not be any problem in transporting goods in and out of the country. And for currency, they can use Euro, but in Quebec, what currency they will use? Not Canadian Dollar for sure and there are no sea surrounding Quebec, so they have to go through Canada every time a ship is going to come into Quebec.
    I think it is just not practical and Quebec is a part of Canadian History, on how it became the Canada we know today.
    My uncle lives in Quebec for more than 40 years with my aunt (who is French), they voted No during the referendum even though they said they will not move out of Quebec if the result came out differently.
    I guess depending on today’s result in Scotland, Quebec will decide whether it will go for another referendum in the near future.

    • Scottish said No Garile. Thank for the info of Quebec’s referendum. I remembered hearing about it but I didn’t follow it closely.

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