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Mini Me

This post is dedicated to the 2nd blogiversary of the versatile Indonesia in my pocket.

The past two years I have had most fun in my life being a mother of a teen girl. The care for her is different now. I took care of her physically when she was a baby. Now I stand at the side, letting her exploring the world herself as I believe learning from own mistakes is the best experience. However I am there when she needs my guidance.


It has been quite interesting and fun witnessing her transforming from an innocent little one into a streetwise, well-groomed teen girl this past two years. With her own opinion and style she and I converse about various topics. We talk like adults and it is fun to hear her refreshing views about several issues. And I look forward to what may come the following years.



52 thoughts on “Mini Me

    • Salam balik katanya Grace. Makasih. Muka aslinya campur-campur. Yang kuat memang gen Asianya cuma kepanasan dikit pipinya dia merah seperti apel πŸ™‚

  1. G tau kalo judul blg ini mini me? Iya beneran kaya kakak adik loh! comme mère, telle fille ❀️

    • Ngga kayanya. Minggu lalu kita shopping berdua ketemu temennya. Temennya bilang “Itu kakak loe” sambil nunjuk ke gw. Sampe rumah dia malu dan minta gw dandannya lebih ibu-ibu πŸ™‚

  2. Your daughter?? OMG kirain adeknya πŸ™‚ seneng sekali pasti punya fotokopian kyk gini πŸ˜‰ semoga bs jd bestfriends forever, mom n daughter.

    • Yes, anakku Tyk. Maaf telat bales komennya, baru lihat sekarang. Thanks ya. Yang penting sih dia tetep nurut sama papa mamanya πŸ™‚

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