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Last round sale!

After work today I went downtown to spot the fall/winter fashion trend. Some shops stack their last stock of summer collection on sale. Above it there hang some boards which say ‘Last round’ ‘Up to 75% off’ ‘Last chance’.

Pic is courtesy of Blog Joeydaly

Why in red?
Have you ever wondered why sale boards are mostly red? According to colour psychology red draws attention. When we see it, our heart starts to beat faster. Decision making goes faster. Red stimulates the interest to desire and desire to action (read: real purchase). Marketeers profit from this fact by cleverly hanging Sale boards in red.

Hoping for eventual purchase
I find the last sale round as mostly an annoying time. Why? Because I know I would inspect all things in the shops just to realize that I do not need them. At the end I don’t buy anything but this activity costs me my time.

Why do I keep doing it year after year? Deep in my heart I hope I would score one beautiful item for a scratch. The past few years I have been keeping asking myself when I wander around in this time of the year and in February (last round winter sale); do I REALLY need the items? The answer is often no. With shame I admit I already have many, so why purchase and pile new stuffs?

How contradictory it may seem with what written above, the older I get the more I invest in good quality, timeless fashion items which go longer than 5 years. Perhaps this comes because I have found my signature style and stick with it. Or perhaps I am such a bore, fashion wise. I don’t blindly follow fashion trends. However it is hard to ignore those screaming sale boards in red. So I allow myself to snuffle in between the racks. Maybe, just maybe I’d find a hot item to complete my wardrobe.

So, after feeling the fabrics and touching the material in the shop, I looked at my watch and I realised I needed to pick up my bike at the bicycle repair and go home empty handed.

I felt proud I did not fall into the last round sale seduction.

Would I do this round again at the end of the next sale season? I do not know.


22 thoughts on “Last round sale!

  1. waaah sama mba yo aku kalau liat sale2an gitu pasti semangat banget, tapi cuma semangat liat2 aja, kalau ada yg lucu mau dibeli mikir2 lagi butuh gak ya eh ujung2nya ga beli deh krn ternyata gak butuh kecuali kalau memang ada yang bener2 lagi dicari, tp seneng krn udah liat2 hahaha.. 😀

  2. Skalian mo tanya Mbak-mbak yg tinggal di luar indonesia kalau dinegara anda tinggal diskonnya beneran nggak sih?, kalau disini kayaknya boongan deh (nggak smua kali ya) harga dinaikin dulu trus di kasih tempelan harga lagi dg tulisan diskon +harga stelah didiskon….

    • Beneran Ru. Discount ada tiga putaran, pertama 15-25%, kedua 40-50% dan ketiga 70-75%. Sampe blenek liatnya kadang. Harganya ngga dinaikin ya sebelumnya karena sale disini memang betul cuci gudang untuk koleksi baru

  3. Here the signs are yellow, not red, probably it catches the eye better.

    I don’t do sale like I used to be. I tend to buy a few very good piece of clothing that usually would cost astronomical during sale and that’s that, rather than buying tons of clothings with sale price that might end up in the closet corner forever.

    • According to color psychology yellow is cheap, affordable. Mostly I keep an eye on an item I really want to have. If it is on sale at the first round, I will buy it as my sizes for both clothes and shoes are common size here. They are mostly sold out first.

      I have hardly bought items anymore just because they are on sale. Like you I have invested more in good quality and endless items the past few years. However for the fun, I always check the last round sale only to realize that I don’t need to buy any:-)

  4. Owhh.. Baru ngeh kenapa merah 😀 Tapi bener sih, pas liat si balon2 merah dgn tulisan Sale pasti lgsg penasaran mo lihat2..ahaha 😀 Syukurnya sale terakhir yang Py masukin bisa dapat barang yg bener2 Py butuh.. 😀

  5. You’re not the only one in this, Lorraine… And funny to say that I also feel proud of myself when I am able to control my shopping urge.. Hahaha…talking about ladies’ thing..

  6. Ngomong2 shopping….aku malah lebih sering beli buku daripada beli baju. Pernah nih ngeborong 10 buku pas diskon (habis 200 ribu). Tapi kalau beli baju, tas atau sepatu ya aku beli kalau benar2 perlu. kalau kaus tim sepakbola nunggu setelah akhir musim, biasanya didiskon, itupun gak selalu beli. Sejauh ini cuma punya 2 kaus bola original (Arsenal + Milan). 😀

  7. Sejak py anak gua jarang2 ya shopping for myself, tapi kalo lagi ke outlet mall tertarik juga sih. KAlo gua prinsipnya jangan di lihat karna ga tahan godaan karna dari sananya memang suka bgt shopping:) speaking about tempatation, apalagi kalo lagi end of season sale…weleh :):)

    • Gw sejak 10 tahun lalu udah setia sama style yang sekarang dan mulai invest diitem yang awet, timeless. Rada mahal dikit tapi ngga apa-apa lah karena gw ngga ikut trend. Kalo sale beli ya hanya 1 – 2 item.

  8. Kl di sini kadang yg bkin males semua dikasih tulisan sale sebesar2nya, tapi harga dimark up dulu yg pada intinya sama aja dgn beli barang harga normal. Cuma di saat2 tertentu dan di toko tertentu aja ada yg bener2 sale tanpa mark up harga. Tp memang rasanya bangga ya mba kl bisa menahan diri dari godaan2 itu. Hahaha

    • Betul, bangga ya bisa tahan godaan ha..ha..Disini korting ya korting beneran. Yang ngga dikorting itu barang luxe diboutique mereka sendiri.

    • Aku malu juga sih kalo liat lemari yang penuh, kok mau beli lagi hanya karena harga terjangkau. Malu karena konsumtif = malu ngga bisa menahan diri 🙂

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