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How to create the perfect password

Last April a notorious virus called Heartbleed caused quite a stir in the online world. This virus is able to cause a leak in a system anyone on the Internet with this bug is able to read the memory and data. Shortly, with this bug online criminals can easily steal data. I changed my password immediately after I heard of heartbleed to protect my social networks and emails accounts.

In this post I want to share tips I found about ‘How to create the perfect password’. For some of you this information may be old or you already know it. See this as a reminder how to protect all accounts online. I just love infographic therefore I share it here.

How to Create the Perfect Password - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

Infographic is courtesy of

Featured image is from theedublogger


4 thoughts on “How to create the perfect password

    • Aku juga baru tahunya tahun lalu yang ini. Sebelumnya aku tulis dinote kertas ha..ha..tiap pulang liburan lupa semua password, berabe deh reset terus-terusan.

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