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Attention: I suggest you to read part 1 first before you continue reading this post.

She steps out of the car and can’t believe her eyes. The club is closed. What to do now?

Oops, the guy she met two days ago on the beach, she couldn’t reach him. She doesn’t even know in which hotel he stays. She feels sorry if he would show up only to find the club is closed. Her girlfriends suggest to wait for him. After 30 minutes waiting, there are still no signs of him. Slightly disappointed, she decides to celebrate her birthday by having fun.

The girls drive back to the beach. They have dinner there. Afterwards they walk on a beach spotting couples getting cozy with a high dose of PDA. She feels blessed to be able to celebrate her birthday that way, on vacation with her girlfriends.

After an hour, she and her girlfriends get back to the rent car. On the parking lot there is a middle-aged German man who rushes out from a cab with his luggage. He seems upset. They offer him a hand. He has been ripped off by the cab driver. The driver wants him to check in to hotel of the driver’s choice. The German refuses to take the room and the cab driver just drops him there, on the beach. That poor man has just landed at the airport one hour earlier. Now very tired he has no idea where to go. Feeling sorry for him, she offers him a help. They cross the road and go to a hotel in front of the beach. Luckily there is still one room available. She books one for him and helps him check in. He thanks her and her friends and goes to his room to rest.

When she and her friends walk out of the reception, a cab stops in front of the hotel. The guy from the beach and his two friends step out. Immediately his two friends congratulate her briefly and walk through. The guy then comes towards her and says “There you are! Sorry, my pals are grumpy because we walked to reach the club which was quite far by foot. Once we were there, the club was closed and I didn’t know how to reach you. I only know your name.” She shakes her head as a gesture that it is ok. He continues “Oh, where is my manner. Congratulation, it is your birthday!”. He shakes her hand and gives her a present. He then asks her to open it. It is a cassette, a new album of Dave Koz. “I hope you’d like this saxophonist. The girl in a record store recommended me this” he adds. “Thank you. Yes I know this musician. In fact I saw him in an intimate concert at a jazz cafe in my city”. He seems relieved she likes the present.

“Wait, How do you know I stay at this hotel? I did not recall I told you this” he wonders. “No, you did not. I have helped a lost German tourist find a room here” she explains.

“Listen, I really would love to chat with you further but I am tired now. I need to go to bed cause I must get up early in the morning for a tour. The day after tomorrow I am going to another island for a week. After that I will come to the capital, where you live. Would you like to show me your city?” he asks. “Sure thing, I only have 1 day free a week from now as the academic year starts again. And I will be busy on my campus”. They agree to meet somewhere in the capital. She deliberately chooses a neutral meeting point forΒ a lunch. She then writes her address, phone number, the meeting point address, date and time on a note. She notices him observing her while she is writing. When she is finished, he takes the note and tucks it in his shirt pocket.

She gives him instructions to get to their meeting point. Then they say good-bye. “We see each other in about a week from now. Have fun on that island!” she shouts.

The day after, she stays with one of her girlfriends at the girlfriend’s brother’s home. She and her girlfriend stroll to a nearby mall where only local people come. They sit on the bench waiting for their dinner. All of the sudden, her girlfriend starts to swear “Holy mother …. you would not believe it if I tell you this. I think I saw that guy you met on the beach stepping out of a car, here”. Her surprise and excitement is visible but both girls maintain their cool though.

That guy from the beach seems fairly surprised when he sees her, his mates too. This time his mates are more enjoyable. After chit chatting she finds out that one of his mates has an aunt who lives nearby. This aunt promises the guys a local experience. Hence a visit to this local mall for a bite.


Heading to the brother’s home the girlfriend tries to persuade her that those might be signs on the wall; a meeting at the beach, a meeting in front of the hotel and now this unexpected meeting in a local mall. The girlfriend knows she is not looking for a guy right now. She responds to her “Time will tell if these are indeed the signs. I just like the guy, he is polite and a nice company to chat about everything”.

The girlfriend is right. Three years later the girl in this story marries the guy from the beach. I am that girl. That guy is Ron, my husband. Our first meeting on Kuta beach, Bali took place on August 18 in 1992.

Every love story is unique and special. Mine is full of coincidences during the first meeting and needed strong perseverance during the long distance relationship. After Bali Ron and his friends continued his holiday to the Moluccas to Ambon and Seram islands. We met again a week later in Jakarta. We had only one date together, that lunchdate at one Croissanterie in Pasaraya Sarinah Jaya in Blok-M district South-Jakarta. In 3 other appointments his mates went along. We went to the movies and to Jazz Night at Pasar Seni Ancol in North – Jakarta.

In September he flew back to The Netherlands. End of November I received a letter by post (FYI e-mail didn’t exist in 1992) and a box of chocolates. In that letter he wrote he liked me and wanted to be my boyfriend. He asked me nicely to see where the feeling would lead us. He wrote this in a paragraph in Dutch I had to ask my grandma to translate it for me. At that time I did not speak Dutch at all. He knew my grandma spoke Dutch. So we were having this long distance relationship.

After 4 meetings (he visited me 3 times in Indonesia, I came to the Netherlands one time), countless long phone calls, letters, boxes of melted chocolate and several bouquets, we got married in 1995. Ever since we met we have been compatible as a couple. We complete each other yet we give the other space and time to grow as an individual. This is what I have been appreciating being his spouse for almost 19 years. We share the same lifestyle, reach our goals together and preserve this joie de vivre attitude. And above all we strive for applying this motto every day ‘Carpe Diem‘.

To those who are curious how the guy from the beach looks like in real life, this is his picture. This was taken last year. He has not changed much except the wrinkles around his eyes which are ok for a man of 52 years old. To make it clear my husband is a mix of Swiss, Italy, German, Indonesian (his father) & Chinese (his mother). He is a Dutch Indo. For the background info of the Indo’s in The Netherlands read The Concubine.


With his consent I published the story how we met for the first time. Ron is quite a private person therefore I asked him properly how would he think if I share the story of our first meeting. Unlike me, he is not active online. I need to respect that. That was why it took a while, years actually to share this story online. I had doubted about what and how I should share the story without being cheesy. I had also wondered if readers would find this worthy to read. This might be the first and the last I share an intimate peek in our life as a couple (from time to time I share snaps of us together on Instagram).

Ron and I often reminisce how things would have gone differently. If Chez Gado-Gado, the night club I wanted to celebrate my birthday, was open that evening, what would have happened? FYI, He and his mates walked 5 km from their hotel at Kuta beach to Chez Gado-gado at Seminyak beach in approximately 1 hour. That was why his friends were grumpy. It was far and when they arrived there the club was closed.

If I hadn’t helped that German tourist, I would not have accidentally come to Ron’s hotel and seen him again.

Funny and interesting how love goes between two people. From strangers to each other we are now proud parents of our 13 years old daughter G.

Thank you for reading the story, my love story.


54 thoughts on “Signs

  1. awwww! it is such a nice one. Well every love story is nice but yours has this bits of coincidence (or should i say.. serendipity?) which makes it so interesting to read. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Andine, I am relieved this is not cheesy. This post had been drafted for 2 months πŸ˜€ as I am not sure I am able to tell it like it is and I did not want the story to be cheesy romantic.

      Btw the moral of the story is; notice the signs well.

  2. Aaawww….that’s so sweet sweet love story, Lo! Your hubby looks younger than 52! My hubby is 50 and he looks like 60 (istri kislatπŸ˜›)and his hair turned grey/white when he was 29😨 Chez Gado2, I know that place, been there couple times😊 Good writing Lo!😍

    • Thanks Ria. Yes, he does. Ron started to get grey hair in his early 30es. Now we are both ok with that.

      Chez Gado-Gado and Double Six, those were good ol’ days in Bali.

  3. Am with you. Everybody has their own story. Your story is very interesting. From one event to another and end up connecting to your husband.πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ
    Such a good love story mba

    My story with chicco is also filled with coincidence and luckily that ended happily.

    • Thank you Nisa. Every love story is unique. This is a summer holiday love which ended well.

      Now I want to hear yours, care to share? Pernah tulis diblog? If not then in private through mail when you have time of course.

      • I did mba 😬. I wrote the story with chicco in “the about us” section of my blog. I call it ” how we met each other” . But the story is also a bit complicated. And the way i tell the story is not as good as yours 😬😜😝

  4. Sama sperti christa aku langsung mikir “serendipity” dan nyaris mirip dialog Before Sunrise “we see each other in about a week from now” aduh bener gak sih?, kayak Stephen Bishop “It might be you” aku suka baca2 cerita bagaimana pasangan2 ini.bisa bertemu. Ceritanya bagus mbak yo πŸ™‚

  5. Lovely story… and very nice of you to share your intimate love story…. but I think that is why this blog is so alive as you add personal touches as well as private stories….
    Congratulation you two to keep your love strong for so long…. ❀


  6. Romantic and all those signs!! how could you ignore them. hehehe. Namanya jodoh ya mbak? Sama, pas aku br aja kenalan J kita tukeran hp dan gak satupun dr kita yg nelpon sampe bbrp hari setelah itu kita ketemuan lg di Leidseplein, bumped into each other. Aneh bgt segitu gede nya Amsterdam (yah anggap aja begitu walaupun dorp) kok bs ketemu nya kayak gt. Semoga terus langgeng mbak Yoyen dan mas Ron (aih aku sok dekaatt) πŸ™‚

    • I could not, especially that last one, unexpected meeting at the foodcourt of Tiara Dewata, Denpasar. Tahun 1990 wisman mainnya ngga kesitu πŸ˜ƒ Merci Oppie untuk doanya, semoga ya.

  7. Oh my God…..i really like this posting mbk…mungkin karena relate with my own love story. karena sekarang lagi pacaran sama cowo belanda dan ketemu karena kebetulan dia dikirim kesini untuk 1 bulan dan dia join acara jalan2ku ama koleganya dia. dan sekarang LDR πŸ˜€ …..jadi pengen posting cerita yang sama soal bagaimana bisa ketemu..hihihii

    • Ini lama banget nangkring di draft karena aku hati-hati milih kata per kata berhubung ini menyangkut suamiku juga πŸ™‚ Tulis dong, nanti aku baca deh.

      Seneng baca cerita orang ketemu pasangannya gimana.

      • iya mbk, rasanya hangat gt baca postingan mbk yang ini. iya ini lagi izin sama dianya, secara pacar saya ini juga loves his privacy gitu πŸ™‚

        dan semoga bisa buat tulisan yang bagus kayak mbk ::)

  8. Pingback: Ngga nyaman | Chez Lorraine

  9. Mbaaa yo gara2 si bule hunter rawuisuwis itu aku jadi nyasar ke postingan mba Yo and hubby. And I highlight your sentences : we complete each other yet we give the other space and time to grow as an individual.

    ahhh thats so true!!
    Thank u for sharing this mba yo

  10. aduh mba Yoyen, aku baru baca ini, sambil dengerin musiknya Living Years Mike and the Mechanics, kenapa jadi berasa mellow ya hahaha..keren banget mba ceritanya, romantisssss…suka deh bacanya..

    • Ha…ha…jadi nostalgia ya Lydia? Makasih ya udah baca. Lama nulisnya, didraft, baca ulang, edit, baca ulang lagi. Karena ngga mau menye-menye. Susah nulis seperti ini, banyak mikirnya. Aku bukan penulis roman πŸ˜‰

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