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Girona emociona


After Empuriabrava I continued the holiday in Girona (Gerona in Spanish). In the first BC the Romans built a fortress there. This was a start of Girona as we know now. The city has an interesting and long history. To summarize it: the Romans, Visigoths, Moors (Arabs), Jews and French were here just like in the nearby town Castelló d’Empúries. They left their traces in the well-preserved medieval part of the city. I will share more of it in another post. This city view pic was taken early in the morning at 6 am, shot from La Muralla (Roman built medieval city wall).

Girona emociona
This slogan means Girona moves in Catalan. This is my third visit to Girona, the city excites me. Name it the history, the size (it is compact, comparable to Bilbao), the atmosphere and the food. I take you for a virtual tour in Girona.


These pics are from the roundabout in front of the city park; Parc de la Devesa.


Street art under the train rail



Plaça de la Independència
Like most Spanish cities Girona has its own squares. Plaça de la Independència is one of them. To those who visit Girona for food; Plaça de la Independència is the place to be. There are many restaurants and bars at this square and in the tiny lanes nearby.


A memorial of Girona’s heroes during the city siege by Napoleon in 1808 – 1809.




This is one of the most photographed sites in Girona, the colourful houses along Onyar river. Look at the Catalan vlag waving outside of the houses.



A cozy restaurant at Plaça Sant FeliuIMG_3217.JPG

Carrer de les Ballesteries in the old town

Catalans want to vote for independence, Catalunya a new state in Europe. To support this Catalans hang their flag outside their house. I have noticed it during this summer vacation in Catalunya, not only in Barcelona, Empuriabrava and Girona but also en route, in little towns and villages. This independence movement seems quite similar to that of the Basque region.



If you want to visit Girona, 4 – 5 days would be sufficient to explore it. You can also stay longer there and go to the neighbouring towns.


9 thoughts on “Girona emociona

  1. Eropa itu salah satu daya tarik utamanya memang di sudut2 kotanya ya mba yo. Postingan favorit sy dr blog mbak yo yg tentang kota2 eropa begini mbak

    • Iya Rosa, apalagi kalo tahu latar belakangnya, sejarahnya menurutku jalan-jalan di Eropa lebih menarik. O ya? Padahal resminya jurnal ini bukan travelblog loh 😃

  2. High five mb yoyen! Aku juga salah satu orang yg jatuh cinta dengan girona. Awalnya kesana hnya krna mau jenguk temen. Eeeehhhh malag jatuh cinta sm kotanya. Classic, calm, & locals-nya baik2 bangeet

    • Enak ya kotanya Bhella, ngga rame ngga sepi dan besarnya pas aja gitu bisa jalan-jalan. Ya betul, penduduknya ramah sekali sama turis, bahkan ditempat yang jarang turispun.

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