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Museu Dalí

When I was young my dad explained surrealism in art. He showed me Dalí’s famous work; The persistence of time.

This painting intrigued me to know more about the artist. I read more and got fascinated by his fantasy and idea. I am not a fan of Dalí but my curiosity brought me to his museum in Figueres. My family and I wanted to visit it. So there we went from Empuriabrava to Figueres which only took us 20 minutes ride. We bought the ticket online to avoid the queue.

Salvador Dalí was born in 1904 Figueres. He chose his museum location himself, a place in front of the church where he was baptized as a child. Dalí lived the last years of his life in the museum. His grave is located in the museum but is not open for public.

This is how the museum look like from the outside. Notice the eggs & statues on top. It looks fun and almost childish for a museum.

IMG_3267.JPGPic courtesy of Mimoa.eu

Dalí was a versatile artist. He was a painter, sculptor, script writer, graphic and jewelry designer. Visitors of the museum have also access to Dalí Joies, the gallery of Dalí’s jewelries. The collection is beautiful. Unfortunately taking pictures is forbidden there.

Entering the Dalí Theatre Museum as it is officially called, visitors mostly come to the Indoor garden. It is located under the glass dome which allows much light inside. It is luminous.



This is details of the bench in the indoor garden. It shows working class in Catalunya during Spanish civil war.

Can’t miss this! This painting is huge. Although I don’t really understand surrealism, the size and object of this painting is overwhelming.IMG_3256.JPG

The other side of the hall

Look at the golden statues in the indoor garden on the left. Somehow they remind me of The Academy Awards.

Gala & Abraham Lincoln. In the middle of pixelated gigantic Abraham Lincoln, there is a nude painting of Gala, Dalí’s wife and muse.

This is an installation art. In order to see it well visitors step on the stairs to go to a higher point.


Tada! It is Mae West’s face. Mae West was American actress in the thirties. This is funny right! I didn’t shoot a beautiful pic of this artwork myself as the room was dark and it was behind a thick glass. I love the scarlet red bold sexy lips.
Pic courtesy of Barcelona-home.com

It is a fact that Dalí was an eccentric man. It is hilarous to see his modern version of Michelangelo Sistine Chapel ceiling. Michelangelo is one of Dalí’s inspirations. To my taste everything in this room is too much; too much bling, too much colours. It is surely the most extravagant room in the museum.

Dalí’s bedroom. Lovely.

Me in front of the Querida (bullfighting) poster in Figueres.

There are also collections of other artists in the museum.




According to me Museu Dalí is a chaotic museum just like the artist himself. The artworks are beautiful though. Some of them are a wink to world famous art objects such as the modern Sistine Chapel or Venus’s wrapped head. Some are Dalí’s with Gala in the main role as his muse. Some are Dalí’s private collection such as work from El Greco, Nudes from Bougereaux, Picasso, Miro etc.

The museum is cramped with visitors. When I was there I could not enjoy the artworks that long without having another visitor blocking my sight. It seems like everyone is fascinated by Dalí.

If you are there I recommend to visit Cadaqués. A beach town not far from Figueres. Dalí was inspired by and made many paintings in Cadaqués.

Museu Dalí
Pujada del Castell 28
Opening hours vary per season, see website

Entry € 12 including Dalí Jewels exhibition. Price is from July 2014
Free entrance for children under 8 years



5 thoughts on “Museu Dalí

  1. jadi sebelum baca tulisan mbak yo saya perhatikan foto-foto itu satu-satu, Saya sering takjub dengan museum-museum di luar negeri kita rapi bersih dan rasa seni yang tinggi, kayak….. beyond my imagination gitu hehehe

    • Bagus memang Ru. Eh tapi di Indonesia museum juga mulai bagus kok. Apalagi museum yang dikelola swasta seperti Ulen Sentalu di Yogya, Arma & Blanco Museum di Ubud. Aku suka kesitu.

      • Bersih ya museumnya.
        Terakhir aku ke Blanco tempatnya berdebu, lukisannya juga banyak yang udah kusam, sayang banget. Di museum Arma lebih mending walau dari segi penerangan masih kurang.

  2. Dalí pernah lama tinggal di Montmartre gak sih mbak? Sering ngeliat beberapa rumah yang ditulis nama Salvador Dalí di depannya.

    Btw, atap Michelangelo versi Dalí is super hilarious :))

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