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MM: Tears in heaven

Remembering the victims of MH17 who died in a plane crash in Ukraina last week I chose this song for this Music Monday.

I am on a summer holiday in Spain right now. I was strolling around, admiring the modernista architecture in Barcelona when I heard the news last Thursday. That night my family and I followed the Dutch tv back to back coverage. For us this accident seemed so close because we are from The Netherlands and the route of the unfortunate MH17 flew was Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur. The same route we mostly take when we fly to Indonesia. It is either Amsterdam – Singapore – Jakarta or Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur – Jakarta.

The Netherlands mourn the loss of 193 citizens. On Dutch public events there have been moments of silence to memorate the victims. Condolences registers are open for public in the city halls, sport clubs (where victims were member of), churches and online.

As days went by, more stories emerged on social media and Dutch press. Many Dutch families were in that plane, some with young kids. They were heading for their long awaited summer holiday in The Phillipines, Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia. Most of them were going to Indonesia. Seeing a Bali Lombok Lonely Planet guidebook found on the crash site made me feel gutted. I imagine their excitement, finally their holiday started. They had no idea 3 hours after taking off, their life would be brutally ended.

In the city I work a family of 4 (parents and two kids) were also among the victims. Names and faces give this tragedy human touch behind cold statistics. Family and loved-ones of the victims have made a tribute page on Facebook. Among the passengers killed there were this brilliant Dutch PhD student and her boyfriend who went backpacking. A smart Dutch – Indo allround student and DJ travelling with his sister and his parents for a 4 weeks holiday. And many more.

It seems like Indonesians living in The Netherlands know someone who knew one or more victims. An Indonesian friend of mine lost her Indonesian best friend. Her friend was in that plane with her husband and daughter.

Officially there were 12 Indonesian killed in that plane but there were also Indonesians by birth who held Dutch passport. They met their death in MH17. These Indonesians by birth were counted as Dutch casualties as stated on passengers’ manifest issued by Malaysian Airline on its website.

I dedicate this song to the family and loved-ones of the victims no matter which nationality they had. May the family find strength to cope with this unexpected huge loss. And may the victims be identified soon so that the family can bury them properly.

And above all rest in peace to all souls lost.

Dutchies uploaded a black image as their profile pic as a mourning sign (see featured pic).


18 thoughts on “MM: Tears in heaven

  1. I am still following the news and feel so devastated. I boarded the exact same plane on the exact same route last year, I was all alone and I remember I felt really excited going back, thinking of meeting my friends and family again and telling them how awesome my Euro trip was, like you wrote, they must be as excited as I was but they had no idea their life would end that way 😦 so sad and tragic 😦

    • Yes Tep. Today is a national memorial service for the victims. Londo marah banget denger laporan bahwa barang para korban dicuri dilokasi.

      I am devastated also and still see those happy faces boarding at Schiphol with the same excitement I always have. Finally the holiday begins. Finally I get to see my family etc.

      Ah, boarding on the same flight last year makes you wonder also. Last update is MAS has erased the flight number MH17 out of respect for the victims. The same flight still operates under the flight number MH19.

      • iya aku baca kartu kredit korbannya malah dijarah dan dipake T__________T and yes i read their official statement that they now operate new flight number MH19

  2. Hah?! barangnya sampe ada yang di jarah mbak? Gila ih! Tega banget, dan nekad banget, secara reruntuhan pesawatnya kan juga bahaya 😦
    Semoga para korban bisa di urus secara layak & keluarga yang ditinggalin di beri kekuatan

    • Iya Maya, orang di Belanda marah banget. Jadi ketahuannya karena koper para korban ditumpuk rapi tapi udah terbuka. Hp, tablets, camera dan Credit Card hilang, perhiasan juga konon dijarah. Tega ya.

      • Sorry, kirain kejadian kayak gitu cuma kejadian disini aja, mbak. Inget dulu papa pernah kecelakaan di jalan tol pulang belanja buat toko, orang orang bukan nya pada nolongin tapi pada ngambilin barang dari bak di belakang mobil.
        Tapi ini kan kecelakaan pesawat yang massive, iya ngejarah gitu tega banget sih 😦

  3. Devastating…tragic…I am lost for words. Deep condolences for the families and friends who lost their loved ones in that plane..I hope you still can enjoy the rest of your holiday mbak.

    • It is Pie. Untill Sunday I wondered about the victims. Did they suffer? What did they think when the reality became unevitable that the plane was going to crash? What did parents say to calm their fearful kids? Ah, so many questions stay unanswered. I can only pray for them that they rest in peace. Still feeling gutted today though.

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