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Orange Fever IV

Orange fever is over. Yesterday Orange squad beat host country Brasil in, according to many people, an unnecessary match for the third place.


Lost match in semifinal
In the semifinal against Argentina at 9 July it was a tie after 30 minutes. NEDARG ended with a penalty shootouts, score 2 – 4. Many Dutch players cried. And the country was dellusional. They were so close.

The following day it was like The Netherlands had a national hangover. I felt it at the office. My colleagues were disappointed. The media talked about it.

There were not so many Internet memes after the losing match. However ING tv commercial referring to the lost semifinal 5 minutes directly after the match was too painful to watch.

Rijksmuseum posted this with a text “The lion is defeated”.

Heineken’s website went offline the day after. It says “Dear Heineken drinkers, We are dissapointed and will be online again tomorrow. Heineken brewery, Zoeterwoude. For real emergency questions, click here”.


This was brilliant seen from communications point of view. A big, multinational brand which showed a human emotion and took the site offline just because the national football team lost a match.

Third place
Yesterday Orange squad played well against Brasil. They won 3 – 0. After the match Robin van Persie said “It feels good we won this unnecessary match for the third place. We won and ended this tournament without losing not any single match”.

Arjen Robben was also interviewed “It was a huge hangover losing from Argentina. We were so close. You can imagine the guys were not really enthousiastic to play this game. It was such a shame losing the semifinal (emotional with teary eyes) but the team was determined to win this match against Brasil. And we did”.

Watching those interviews confirms that in sport being nr 1 is the only thing that counts. However what the Oranje has achieved was remarkable. The team belongs to the best 4 of the world.


What I see is that Dutchies appreciate what their team did. This is in contrast to what most Dutch thought before the World Cup began. Louis van Gaal the trainer was heavily criticized due to his choice. He chose young, unexperience players. From 23 players only 5 are experienced. And the tactics Van Gaal used was unusual, it was new to Orange squad. I had heard this from my dear husband, a football fanatic. Not only he plays football three times a week, he also reads and watches all the matches, analysis etc.

So back to the Oranje. For non Dutch, third place on a World Cup tournament might seem disappointing. It is indeed disappointing but Dutchies are still proud and support their team.


Thank you for reading this chain post. Untill the next Orange fever!
My husband
Voetbal International


21 thoughts on “Orange Fever IV

  1. Aku juga nonton tadi pagi, malah saya bayangkan jadi org Brazil gimana perasaannya ya, udah 2 x match terakhir di hancurkan habis2an,,,kebobolannya bukan satu tapi banyak lagi…gimana galau nya penduduknya selaku host jadi urutan ke 4.sisa besok nih Jerman vs Argentina… the last one…

  2. Very nice post!! I wish our people (Brazilian) would think the same about our team, but in Brazil people only like to criticize, and thats sad. Our team was under so much pressure that I really feel sorry for them, and of course, sad about how we finished the World Cup at home. The Dutch people should be really proud of their team, thats true ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Yes, Brazilian team had such pressure being a host. And the unfortunate accident with Neymar made things worse.

      We are really proud of our team here. But hey, after the match Brazilian audience stayed untill the third prize was handed. The Dutchies appreciated it very much. You Brazilians were such a good sport.

      Next time better for our both countries ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hehe source nya ada “my husband”. Pake wawancara suami ya mba? Emang ngeselin ya kalah pake acara penalti. Semoga the next world cup bisa menang

    • Ha…haa….iya Nov. Soalnya daripada dia gerendeng selagi nonton, aku tanya lah ini itu. Makasih ya. Tunggu Euro Cup 2 tahun lagi.

  4. Inget pas world cup yg tahun 2010 mereka runner up tp pas pulang disambutnya udah kayak yg menang world cup…pas turun arak arak nya depan kantor perciiiss aih aku di dadah dadahin balik ma mereka. Dutchies really appreciate their national team indeed, respect!!!

    • Iya, walaupun kalo kalah dicacimaki sama para analis tapi londo yang orang biasa setiadan cinta sama teamnya ya. Kapan kek gitu juara, mau lihat pawainya gw ha….ha….

  5. Deman piala dunia sudah berakhir, jadi gak ada lagi yang komplain ngantuk di dalam meeting & nggak ada lagi meeting yang ditunda karena malamnya ada bola ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Mbak Yo, aku jadi ingat perkataan Van Gaal yg menyebut kalau perebutan tempat ketiga dan keempat itu nggak ada gunanya, dan lebih baik dihapuskan. hehehehe…tapi ya FIFA tetap mempertahankan hal itu karena faktor duit lah…bisa menyedot jumlah penonton.

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