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Orange Fever III

Orange squad did it! Dutch team is one of the World Cup 2014 semifinalists. The Netherlands are through to the last four after defeating Costa Rica in a shootout 4 : 3.


In a boring match against Costa Rica, The Netherlands had a number of chances but the ball would not pass the line. I found the match boring because all Costa Rican players were most of the time on their part of the field, defending. According to Dutch footballanalysts this strategy is called Antifootball.

So there they were. 90 minutes passed 0 – 0, 30 minutes added resulted also in 0 – 0. Then came the penalty or the shootouts. Football fans know Dutchies had a trauma about it. Dutch people even thought Costa Rica had deliberately managed this, exactly the same as they did to Greece in an earlier round.

Dutch coach changed the keeper Cillissen in the last minutes. This change turned to be the change of the match. In the shootouts, Tim Krul, stopped two Costa Rican’s goals. This has brought The Netherlands to the semifinal.

I watched the match with my husband and my mother from Indonesia who is visiting me now. The last quarter of the match I couldn’t take the pressure and I went to my bedroom upstairs.

I then went online. It was a quite warm summer night so I opened the windows. I could hear my neighbours cheering as some of them held a barbecue party on their backyard. I checked Twitter for the latest update. It was not necessary though as I heard my neighbours cheering and celebrating with vuvuzela and fireworks. That happened directly after the match at about 1 am and prolonged until 1.30 am!

As usual I saw the memes passing by. These are my favourites.

Coach Louis van Gaal has reached this status now.


When the team was locked, this wish came along.


And this

After the match, the Lion needed to rest according to Rijksmuseum. The sketch is from Rembrandt.


The Orange will play against Argentina in the semifinal. This fact combined with the Argentinian origin Dutch Queen Máxima, resulted in this funny meme. Or perhaps it is not that funny for King Willem – Alexander? The text means Meanwhile in Wassenaar (where they live).


This Orange Fever chain post will end if the Orange goes home. This might be after the next match or with or without the trophy.

Stay tuned!


Faketattoo.nl (featured image)
Ons Oranje


19 thoughts on “Orange Fever III

  1. Hilarious! Love the photos of Louis van Gaal, Huntelaar and Dutch Queen and King :)) I had similar experience when watching the match. Everyone was so tense during the match that even our dog could sense it, he left us and prefer to stay in our bedroom. In the end I could not stand it either and walked my dog during the additional time – the neighborhood was so quite but I saw most of my neighbors watched the match (and sometimes I heard they were screaming too :)) haaah…too creepy. I wonder what would happen if the Dutch meet the German team at the final 🙂

    • Let’s focus on the semifinal against Argentina Indah. I really can’t stand the pressure. Then I realized the players have been doing an excellent job, maintaining their performance under such pressure.

      It has become a routine for me looking for memes of the match online. They are brilliant, cleverly & creatively made so fast.

  2. Setiap pertandingan muncul meme cepet kok di Belanda. Bahkan ada yang muncul selama pertandingan berlangsung, bukan hanya goal Van Persie.

    Foto Louis van Gaal diphotoshop dipatung Yesus memang keluar setelah NEDSPA, saya pasang dipos diatas karena orang Belanda setelah NEDCRC mengagungkan Louis van Gaal seperti Tuhan dengan tangan dinginnya memimpin Oranje hingga lolos ke semifinal, seperti saya tulis diatas “Coach Louis van Gaal has reached this status now”. Dan meme ini beredar lagi di Belanda.

  3. meme RVP just an example 😉
    di SNS emang cepet beredarnya karena
    banyak yang reupload gitu. Akun2 fan base MU termasuk pengedar aktif 😀
    Tmen saya sampe heran bilang “fan edit so fast”

  4. hahahaha, echt he…kemaren itu lg nonton aja udah keluar semua memes nya. kreatif bener emang! :p temen2nya J juga pada bikin tp sekedar buat lucu lucuan di whatsapp. sumpah kemaren ned vs costarico ga banget deh, kebangetan tegangnya. rabu nanti kayaknya tuh bukan Huntelaar lagi tapi In Case of Emergency, call Tim Krul!!! 🙂

    • Yaa, Tim Krul aja. Bosen Pie nonton NEDCRC. CRC terlalu defensif (ciee gw lagunya kaya analis bola ha…ha…). Gw bilang sama laki gw, Ik bosen nontonnya lama banget ngga ada goal ha…ha…

  5. Tweet-nya Rijksmuseum paling bikin aku ngakak mbaaa :))) ini euforia-nya gedhe banget kyknya di Belanda ya mb. Host Couchsurfing aku kmrn tb2 imel aku buat cerita tim bola belanda

    • Salah satu account favoritku di Twitter memang Rijksmuseum. Keren banget Bhel. Betul, bener-bener Orange Fever. Situasi ideal menurut orang Belanda adalah Belanda menang dari Argentina dan difinal lawan Jerman, musuh bebuyutan. Dan tentu aja jadi juara dunia. Kalo ini kejadian, akan seru banget. Oranye dimana-mana.

  6. Hahaha, aku beneran penasaran sama perasaannya Ratu Maxima ini. Nanti beliau dukung siapa ya di semifinal? Hahahaha 😆

    • Aku rasa dia dukung Argentina. Makanya Raja & Ratu londo ngga nonton langsung di Brasil ha…ha…Ada kemungkinan meme diatas kejadian loh Ko, kalo NED menang hari Rabu ini 🙂

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