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Coffee anyone?

Two weeks ago my office building got new coffee machines. Coffee from this new machine seems disastrous. I am no coffee drinker (I drink cappuccino and latte occassionally) but I can tell the coffee is no good.

Many colleagues have been grumpy since the new coffee machine was installed. Dutchies and bad coffee don’t go together. Not at all.

Dutchies drink their coffee in the morning at breakfast, at lunch, at 4 pm when the dip kicks in and after dinner. This frequent consumption puts The Netherlands on top of the coffee drinking country in the world.

Chart courtesy of cdnatlantic. This chart was published in January 2014.

Apparently The Netherlands beat Finland from the number one position. One thing in common which catches my attention is: the countries in the top ten are from the north hemisphere. This is intriguing since coffee originally comes from Ethiopia, Africa. And although most delicious coffee come from Italy, Italians ended up quite low in the chart with only 0,336 cup coffee per day.

Starting from 1530 people in Turkey, Egypt, Syria drank it in coffee houses. 1615 coffee came to Europe. In 1660es first coffee houses were opened in Paris, Amsterdam, Marseille, Hamburg and Vienna. London followed ten years later.

At that time coffee trade was in monopoly of Arabian traders. However VOC (Dutch East India Company) smuggled a coffee plant from Mocca, a haven city in Yemen in 1696. They planted it first in Malabar, India. After that the Dutchies planted it in Java, Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) from where it spreaded to other islands in the archipelago; Bali and Sumatra.

Does Dutch coffee addiction have to do with its history? Perhaps. As Dutch coffee brands such Douwe Egberts, Kannis & Gunnink and Van Nelle dated from 18th century. The Golden Age of Dutch trade, one of which was coffee trade.

More coffee
Due to holidays and trends there are more and more coffee variations available in The Netherlands. Beside the black coffee Dutchies love to drink Espresso. After that come Cappuccino and Koffie verkeerd (wrong coffee aka Latte, strong coffee with much milk).

Latte and Cappuccino at De Drie Graefjes, Amsterdam

Dutch coffee Trivia

  • Koffie drinken drinking coffee is a term about drinking hot drinks. When a Dutchie asks you for Koffie drinken doesn’t necessarily mean you only have to drink coffee, you may take tea instead.
  • “Would you like to drink coffee?” is a code Dutchies after a date say as a subtle invite for; “Would you come in?”.
  • One cookie for a cup of coffee. Not so long ago if you visit Dutchies at home, when you are offered a cup of coffee/tea, you will get one cookie. Just one. The cookie jar would return to a cupboard. Asking for another cookie was ok but unusual. This custom is changing though although I know there are people who still do this. However my Dutch friends and other people I know set a plate full of cookies on a table.
  • Starbucks opened its first Dutch branch in Schiphol Airport at 2007. After that it has expanded. Most Starbucks branches are located in train stations of middle to big cities. An average Dutch find Starbucks coffee too sweet and expensive compared to what local coffee chains or cafés offer.
  • First time in The Netherlands and you want a cup of coffee? Do not go to coffeeshop, go to a café instead. Dutch term coffeeshop is misleading as coffeeshop sells only soft drugs!
  • 20140705-083449-30889527.jpg
    Cappuccino and Cherry pie at Café De Jaren, Amsterdam

    Coffee anyone?



    47 thoughts on “Coffee anyone?

    1. Woow Italy termasuk rendah yaa, padahal sepenglihatanku yg cm disini aja, i mean orang 2 disekitar ku pada minum kopi espresso pas breakfast, after lunch, kadang sore, after dinner. Aku jujur sampe heran, kok bisa minum kopi sesering ituu. Aku menikmati bau kopi tapi membatasi konsumsi, cuma minum macchiato atau cappuccino. Semuanya extra susu karena maag akut. Itupun hanya kadang-kadang.

      Selamat pagi. Selamat ngopi.

    2. Iya ya, aku juga bingung kok Italy ternyata ngga banyak minum kopi.

      Eh tapi di Italy mungkin karena kebanyakan minum Espresso yang cangkir kecil itu jadi kalah sama londo ya Gi? Disini cangkir kopi untuk black coffee itu 2 kali Espresso.

      Aku minum Capppuccino/Latte ngga tiap hari, paling 3 kali/minggu. Aku lebih suka minum teh.

      • Iya bener jg mba, krn orang italy minumnya espressi yg cangkirnya kecil, jadi meski sering minum kalo dijumlah cuma sedikit hahaha

        • Iya, kalo ngga masa kalah sih Nov. Atau bisa juga Italiano itu minum wine kan juga banyak, lebih banyak ngewine daripada ngopi sepertinya. Betul ngga Anggi?

    3. Baru tahu org Belanda nomor satu komsumsi Kopi nya…, saya kira orang Amrik doyan karena suami suka skali minum kopi, ternyata jauh dibawah di list….

      Kalau aku ke warkop or starbuck malah tak pesan kopi karena saya tak bisa tidur kalau minum kopi paling cuma nemenin teman dan saya kebagian hot chocolate saja…

    4. Wut…wut…wut, Australia is even below Singaporean! Hard to believe as in this small little city of Perth coffee shop is everywhere and always full, in the street people walking around with take away coffee…I guess Aussie love their beer better than coffee😀 I drink coffee mostly in the morning with my brekkie. And sometimes in the afternoon when am out. In the evening I usually drink tea.

    5. USA lumayan ya hehe. Dulu temen2ku rekan sejawat di perusahaan konsultan selalu terbengong2 aku tidak pernah nyentuh kopi. Katanya kok bisa ngeliatin tumpukan kertas dan angka, bisa bertahan tanpa kopi. Buktinya bisa kok haha. Kadang aku suka ngerasa kopi itu jadi bagian dr lifestyle instead of in need of caffeinne.

      • Beberapa rekan kerjaku bisa minum kopi 4 kali per hari. Pagi 2 dan siang/sore setelah istirahat makan siang juga 2. Dan dirumah mereka ngopi lagi.

        Memang betul sepertinya, dengan muncul gerai kopi yang hip & trendy minum kopi itu bagian dari gaya hidup.

    6. I like the topic because I am a coffee enthusiast 🙂 and I second to your guess I think it has something to do with the history, about the high coffee consumption in The Netherlands. After smuggled the coffee plant from Yemen, and planted it in Java, finally the first crop of beans and plants were sent back from Java to Amsterdam. Then, the Dutch brought the seeds from Amsterdam to the New World, and was the first who introduced coffee cultivation in the New World, followed by the French.

      Not only had a powerful coffee plantation in the New World (in Guiana or now it is called Surinam), the Dutch also made its colonies as the chief suppliers of coffee to Europe (by this meaning throughout the world). Nobody could beat it. Even the British, with their products in Ceylon, India. Those Dutch colonies were Java and Sumatra!! Indonesia held the most important role in cultivating coffee in the 18th century. That’s why I am so fascinated by coffee history 🙂 . Enough about the facts, I really enjoy the coffee pictures above since I was also with you when you took them *wink* hehehe.

      • Thanks for the addition Pie! There is a reason why Dutchies call coffee as Black Gold (zwart goud) as it was one of VOC’s export commodities.

        Yeah, and Dutchies also brought cofffee plant to Malabar, India.

        Indeed, you were there when I took both pictures. Shall we repeat it again soon? I know a coffee bar in Arnhem with the best Dutch barista. I would love to take you there.

    7. Wehhh saya kira Jerman yang number one ternyata belande…
      Indonesia rendah amat, so indo hanya penghasil kopi namun bukan penikmat kopi.

      • Orang Jerman memang bukan peminum kopi Ria, mereka lebih suka minum bir.

        Indonesia salah satu penghasil kopi terbesar didunia untuk eksport.

    8. Lhaa aku pikir org amrik dah yg teratas banget buat minum kopi mba. Ternyata malah wong londo. 😬😅

      Sama mba aku juga gak maniak kopi banget. Secara klo minum kopi suka gak kuat lansung deg2an. Palingan sesekali minum cappuccino or latte doang. ✌️😊

      • Iya bener Nis, pernah minum Espresso straight gitu, langsung deg-degan. Makanya aku minum Cappuccino, Latte, Wiener Mélange atau Irish Coffee. Yang dua terakhir menurut coffee connoisseur sih bukan kopi 🙂

    9. I don’t drink cofee mba yo…
      And its so funny if they only give one cookie dan jar nya langsung disimpen ya? Hihihi…..
      So kalo ditawarin would u come to drink coffe trus kita say yes pas masuk rumahnya trus kita pasti bener2 dihidangkan kopi ya ?.boleh ganti minuman ga mba yo? :))))

      • Iya Jo. Itu jadi trademarknya orang Belanda yang masuk dibuku guide tentang kebiasaan lokal. Dan kalo minta lagi, tamunya harus bilang. Dikasih sih, tapi ya ngga biasa aja.

        Would you come to drink coffee itu code setelah date 😉 Ngga harus minum kopi, yang penting masuk kerumah & you know lah what comes next 🙂

    10. Hmmm… Canada is way up there, yup people are crazy about coffee here! I’m not a coffee drinker, but Canadians love their Tim Horton’s coffee, kalah starbucks disini, byk yg tutup.
      Kalo disana coffee dari mana Yen? Africa? Starbucks laku ga?

      • Itu Tim Horton’s coffee chain dari Canada ya? Orang Belanda asli sukanya sih merk Douwe Egberts, Van Nelle, Kannis & Gunnink & Perla. Ini yang udah digiling, dijual per pak dan buat sendiri di rumah.

        Untuk premium brand minum dirumah buat orang yang punya mesin kopi mahal itu biasanya mereka beli coffee bean merk Italy.

        Gw & suami ikutan hype punya Nespresso machine (coffee cups dari Nestlé, Swiss) enak juga. Per cup gitu.

        Average Dutch coffee drinker ngga begitu suka kopinya Starbucks. Selain lebih mahal dibanding kopi yang enak dicafé biasa, mereka ngeyek produck kopi Starbucks yang lain yang menurut mereka kopi pake sirop 🙂 Mengenai harga sih memang beda banget Garile. Lagipula memang banyak café lokal yang kopinya enak, ngapain ke Starbucks?

        Kopi disini mélangenya macem-macem, ada yang dari Indonesia, Afrika dll.

          • Iya sama Canada banyak Starbucks yang tutup karna ga bias bersaing sama Tim Horton’s.
            Sama yen, gua ga minum kopi sama sekali malah, sukanya green tea aja. Tapi my hubby drinks his coffe kaya minum air dari pagi sampe malem. Disini rata rata coffee shop itu rame aja, mungkin karna udara dingin jadi selalu orang cari kopi.
            Iya banyak small coffee shop yang kopinya lebih enak enak dari starbucks. Sekarang banyak yang jual fair trade coffee banget disini, dari small coffee shop sampe ke supermarket yang gede.
            Kita cuma punya 1 coffee machine yang punya automatic grinder dan bias langsung di seduh juga coffeenya jadi kita seringnya beli biji coffee dari pada yang udah di grind.
            Indonesia pedahal kopinya bagus dan enak2 ya, tapi ya tetep starbucks yang nge-trend:):):)

          • Serius? Di Belanda clientnya Starbucks yuppies, ABG (termasuk anak gw si G), turis dan orang Asia ha…ha…

    11. Aku lbh suka cookie-nya drpd kopinya mba hahaha… Aku biasanya ngopi sehari sekali pas sarapan, tp waktu msh kerja biasanya sekali lg sekitar jam3, waktu genting buat mata 😋

        • Aku ga deg2an mba, tp perut suka ga kompromi klo mnm kopi tertentu. Aku jg suka teh, teh poci pake gula batu apalg hahaha jd pengen mudik deh…

    12. waaah aku suka banget kopi mba yo, kalau gak ngopi sehari berasa ada yg kurang hihihi kalau dirumah ngopinya black coffee, kalau di cafe lebih pilih latte aja. Hehehe baru tau ya org belanda paling kenceng minum kopinya 😀

    13. Iya Yo bener banget … orang Belanda penggemar kopi. Dan menurut ku mereka minum kopi udah kayak minum air putih. Drink it more than one cup a coffee. Suami ku juga peminum kopi. Untungnya saya juga penggemar kopi. So klop. Kalo kita diundang tetangga untuk minum kopi,, setelah secangkir kopi pertama udh habis, mereka akan menawarkan lagi untuk kopi berikutnya.
      Kebiasaan minum kopi untuk orang Belanda sejak zaman VOC. Waktu saya lagi belanja di Aldi , saya lihat ada kopi van Sumatra juga dijual di Aldi.

      • Jaman akhir VOC soalnya VOC bawa kopi ke Hindia Belanda tahun 1696. Waktu itu hanya orang kaya yang bisa minum di koffiehuis. Pertengahan 1700-an kopi mulai lebih murah harganya. Ini juga masa dimana munculnya perusahaan kopi (coffee brewery & grinding company) di Belanda.

    14. Wah ternyata orang Indonesia itu sangat sedikit konsumsi kopinya ya….padahal dimana-mana, terutama di kantor, rata2 orang2 pada minum kopi.

      • Seberapa sering orang Indonesia minum kopi per hari? Londo during the day dikantor bisa 4 – 5 cangkir. Dirumah 2 – 3 cangkir (sarapan pagi, sore hari dan setelah makan malam).

    15. True that – and the Dutch can buy so many coffee machines to ensure they have the best coffee maker ever :)) Gosh..we had too many coffee machines (it drove me mad) just because Ids thought they were not good in making good coffee. Finally, he stopped buying after having Nespresso coffee machine 🙂 so, you can say the Nespresso has the best (and affordable) coffee machine…

      • True. Although Ron and I don’t drink coffee that much, we have 2 coffee machines. First is the normal coffee machine for a normal black coffee Dutch way. Then we bought Nespresso machine a 8 years ago.It is still good. What I love about Nespresso is they are innovative in creating the mélanges.

    16. Satu lagi maksud tersirat kalo lagi di rumah orang dan udah larut trus yg punya rumah nawarin kopi; pulang dong udah malem nih hahaha.. alias oprotkoffie

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