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Critical thinking

When I was young about 12 years old I first heard about Plato, Aristotle and other great philosophers. Philosophy explores the meaning of life itself. At that time it was beyond my reach to understand it well and apply it. I was attracted to it though. It intrigued me how those philosophers spent their time to phrase and defined life and its purpose. At that time philosophy seemed too serious but it thought me how to be critical. That it was ok to have unanswered questions.

Thinking: The talking of the soul with itself.

A quote by Plato

The link of all I write above is critical thinking. Critical thinking is about asking questions, observing, analyzing, self reflection, experience, reasoning and communicating. Critical thinking is what drives me to share stories and thoughts in this blog. As that is what I do all the time. Observing, asking questions, sometimes overanalyzing, then I apply relativity to it.

You can train how to be a critical thinker. I found this clear overview about the required steps. I am familiar with the process, I apply it also but I have never arranged the steps chronogically in a logical order.


Good luck!

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Critical thinking


8 thoughts on “Critical thinking

  1. Terus berlatih ut bisa berpikir kritis mba Yo 😀 Kalo skrg mikir kritis nya ke tema yg lagi hot sampe bosen malahan.. Pilpres 😀

  2. Cari crowd yg sama2 berpikiran kritis jg mbantu mbak..Kadang kalo bergaul sama orang2 yg gak kritis otak jadi tumpul walopun kitanya sendiri gak tumpul. LEUK DIT ZEG!

  3. Berpikir kritis dan sistematik memang penting ya. Jadi nggak asal main percaya aja. Apalagi era informasi seperti saat ini yang mana dengan mudahnya informasi beredar; harus pintar-pintar mem-filter informasi-informasi itu 😀 .

    • Betul Ko, cuma selama referensi yang dipake itu-itu aja dan ngga bersedia membuka diri menerima referensi baru ya susah. Makanya ada yang bilang The truth is relative.

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