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The winners are ….

Celebrating my tenth blogiversary I held a mini writing competition. Exactly 10 blogger friends submitted their post. Coincidence? I don’t know. Thanks to all participants for your effort.


Some posts are touchy while others are bold. There are also the funny ones and very entertaining to read. I did read all 10 of them.

Unfortunately 2 out of 10 didn’t meet the requirements. They fell out. Sorry. One post contains less than the required 500 – 1000 words. Another one misses the pitching part. The part where the participant needs to convince me why I must appoint the post as a winner.

Here are the winners:
1. Ailsa, Bini Bule
Ailsa’s post is titled ‘Banyak anak tak selamanya banyak rejeki‘. Ailsa chose the directory Women. Her post is about having children in Indonesia according to an old saying ‘The more kids you have, the more prosperous you’d be’.

Ailsa writes her objection against this way of thinking, supported with valid argument. I totally agree with the points she shared. Ailsa’s link to the blogiversary and her pitching were good. I was convinced right away. I recall she once wrote about her lipstick collection. Ailsa, you won the bracelet and lipstick. Congrats!

2. Sondang, Let love and faithfullness never leave us
In her post ‘Double standard in friendship‘ Sondang describes one of the important aspects in friendship; acceptance. She chose the category Friendship and was inspired by one particular post about female friendship.

What I find rather overwhelming is the fact that Sondang wrote her post in English, the first after all these years. This is why I chose her as one of the winners. As I share here often, blogging is about sharing and inspiring. Sondang, your pitch was good and full of confidence. It is hard for me to deny you those chocolate bars. So those goodies are coming your way.

3. Joice from Joeyz14
Joice took the readers of her post ‘When I was young(er)‘ to her younger years. The time she was a carefree young girl who was not really into school. Young Joice wanted to have fun. She made mistakes and did stupid things. Joice’s post is a timecapsule. At the end she became a mother. Shortly after this she finished her thesis and graduated.

Joice chose the category Thoughts. I always admire bloggers who dare to share such private stories. Stories that inspire others. Joice, with your perseverance, you have inspired me and others. You did not give up in reaching your goals. So thinking of you as a teacher, I decided to give you the notebook and the clips. I bet you can use it for both work and private. Kuddos!

To all winners, please send me your address to the email address on the Contact page.

That was the first Chez Lorraine giveaway. I found it exciting to do! I thank all participants, readers and commenters. Untill the next one.

32 thoughts on “The winners are ….

  1. Woohooooo thank you Mba yo… I’m on the way to Fx when reading this. Oh yes I actually love all ur gifts. I will be glad to recieve any of those…… I will email u my address soon mba yo!

    Thank you

  2. Selamaaat buaat semua yang menang… Walopun daku belum terpilih, tapi aku hepppiiii banget bisa dpt kans buat curcol soal “Terobsesi Bule” hahaha. Selamat ya mbak Yo. Semoga daku juga lebiiih semangat ngeblog! *selftalk*

  3. I’m just back to blogsphere…. Ah so sad I missed this awesome opportunity! 😦 however, happy tenth anniversary Lor! Haha! And for those three awesome bloggers, congrats!!! 🙂

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