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Orange Fever II

I keep my promise to write another orange fever post if the Dutch squad reaches the next round in the World Cup 2014.

Wearing full orange (shirt and short) the Dutchies beat Chile yesterday. The Orange won the poule B, which was once dubbed as poule of death.

I am no football fan however I can feel the excitement here. It began with the first match against Spain on Friday 13 June. Revenge was so sweet for the Orange. NED – ESP 5 – 1.

I watched the match with family and friends at my brother in law’s house. It was an exciting evening. Here I am with my nieces. We were dressed all in orange of course.


Second match against Australia, my husband was grumpy the first half. At the end it was 3 – 2 for the Orange. Husband said “It was not a beautiful football but we won”.

Third match yesterday against Chile, striker and captain Robin van Persie was suspended (yellow card) in previous match so he didn’t play but yet the Orange won, again. This time 2 – 0.

Remarkably enough after each winning match some people lit the fireworks! I heard some in the air though I could’t see it. A bit overjoyed I guess.

I won’t discuss about the strategy, tactics and techniques. I know nothing about it at all. As I stated before, if my husband is happy, I am happy.

Dutch king Willem Alexander and queen Máxima visited the team in their lockerroom after NEDAUS.


What I do like to follow are social media after each match. Some people are so fast in creating memes.

A subtle but painful pointing at the defeated champion.

Dutch brands have been busy too.

Pic courtesy of HEMA

HEMA tweeted this after NEDCHI. It says Chili (Dutch spelling) has pepper but we have peppermill. Very cleverly anticipated.

Pic courtesy of KLM

The text says ‘Unfortunately not qualified for the next round’. From KLM after NEDAUS.

Experts remarked that Dutch economy has been profiting more from this World Cup as long as the team wins the matches. In the retail business it is an overkill of orange products I can barely see them anymore. Snacks (cheeses, nuts, crisps and sausages) and beer are marketed with WK2014.

If you happen to be in Amsterdam on a matchday of The Orange, do not miss the Oranjeplein. It is located on Museumplein behind the Rijksmuseum, with the giant Iamsterdam letters on it. There is a big screen, music and drinks. Dresscode orange.

Pic courtesy of 538 Oranjeplein

Me, I just enjoy this sight in my hood. I bet the further the team goes, the merrier and more orange the street would be. Pic was taken Saturday 14 June. The day after NEDESP.


Next orange fever post would be if the Orange reach the semi final. First the Orange will play against Mexico next Sunday.

Oranje boven!


24 thoughts on “Orange Fever II

  1. Sejak jagoin Belanda yg pas lawan Spanyol langsung keterusan..haha 😀 Sampe semalem nonton match nya meski ga sampe abis.. Trus baru tau juga, ternyata Oranje itu nama orang yah mba Yo, William Van Oranje 😀 hehe.. gegara penasaran semalem sampe gugling sejarahnya..

    • Oranje itu nama dinasti kerajaan Belanda. Willem van Oranje raja pertama Belanda, orang tuanya juga namanya udah Van Oranje. Semoga menang terus ya Py.

  2. aku sama si Laurens ngomongin ini terus kan, terus kita ngomongin si tim ini udah pake “we” macem Belanda udah kayak negaraku sendiri :))))) #lebay But I do feel like it is my own country, bener-bener super excited dan geregetan juga. Hup Holland Hup! Semoga terus stabil performanya, bahkan lebih bagus!

  3. huaaaaaaaaaa seruuuu emang gak salah sih dari dulu dukung belanda mba yo.. walaupun last world cup kalah langsung bales dendam pas pertama kali lawan spain ihihihik dan dilanjut menang terus lawan aussie sama chili.. Itu asik bener ya nontonnya rame2an gitu hahaha.. Semoga Belanda mainnya tetep bagus dan lanjut ke semi final 😀

  4. Wah kece bener nonton bareng gitu mantap ya berasa banget , tapi waktu main dengan austalia memang kece bener mba yo..

    Aku suka di kepang juga mba yo kaya foto di atas manis .

    • Nonton bareng memang seru. Kalo menurut suamiku sih lawan Australia itu pertandingan yang ngga begitu bagus Ria.

      Dikepang enak, gampang dan ngga panas.

  5. KLM dan Qantas luar biasa! Satu hal yang aku perhatikan, social media bikin kreatifitas orang makin kelihatan. Di Indonesia pas debat capres, aku juga lebih seneng lihat meme, lebih menghibur!

    • Thanks Feb. Kemarin KLM promo, korting € 100 per goal untuk route Amsterdam Santiago Amsterdam. Total korting € 200. Booking kemarin juga. Lumayan kan.

  6. That is true, Everything related to watching football is on fire in sales now, even including chips and frisdranken 😛 . Too bad the Netherlands “only” scored 2 goals against Chile because KLM had an offer to reduce the Amsterdam – Santiago vv ticket price by €100 from €895 for every goal #Oranje scored with a maximum of 6 goals. So had the Dutch scored 6 goals the price would have been reduced to just €295! 😯

    • Yes, Dutch economy profits from the Oranje. There are also Oranje toilet paper available 🙂 Retailers & brands are milking it while it lasts.

      That was quite a promotion of KLM indeed.

  7. Your orange dress is soo cute! Love it! Thanks for sharing this Yen..been missing these parts due our holiday 😉 looks like the Oranje team will continue to the next stage!

    • You’re welcome. And thanks. I wear that orange dress for orange events like World Cup, European Cup & King’s/Queen’s Day 🙂

      It has been a wonderful World Cup so far. I hope the boys would make it to the final.

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