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Hands-on dad

Nowadays fathers are more and more involved in raising and taking care for their children. Mothers have also a job outside the house so fathers need to help. Such fathers who take care of their children are called hands-on dad.

It is normal now to see fathers change diapers, doing them in bath, tucking them in bed, reading bedtime stories, playing with their kids at the park or doing groceries. And I believe those so called hands-on dad are more than happy to do so. They feel no pressure, they just want to be part of their kids’ life.

So does my husband. He is one hands-on dad. When G, our daughter, needs him, she can rely on him. In turn he wants to provide her without spoiling her. G gets more and more independent now but my husband still shows he really is interested in her life. They both love to talk about music, sport, movies and fashion. I love to see them together. Their bond is the same I had with my dad.

Let us not forget the fathers who are not involved in their kids’ life because of several reasons such as divorce, impossible working hours or working far away from the family. They want to be hands-on dad but circumstances don’t allow them to. For these fathers I wish them the best.


On this Father’s Day G makes a complete breakfast for her father. She takes care of him for one morning. Showing him the appreciation of what he has been doing for her. What he finds it normal to do which she doesn’t take for granted.

Happy Father’s Day!


24 thoughts on “Hands-on dad

  1. Is Father’s Day in Europe? Here is in September. Happy Father’s Day to your hubby, hope he gets spoilt by G…and you perhaps?๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. tiap negara ternyata punya hari ayah yang berbeda beda ya…hmm kalo disini kayaknya tak ada father;s day ya… *cekkalender..

    • Ngga tiap negara sih. Di negara-negara di Eropa & USA hari bapak hari ini. Tiap tahun perayaannya hari Minggu kedua bulan Juni.

  3. Aku nggak ngeh ada father’s day mbak pdahal jumat kmrn fun friday anakku di skolah themanya father’s day tp gag kepikiran aja. Iya mbak jaman skrg bapak bapak yg turun tangan ngurus anak itu lebih banyak dan lebih kelihatan. Dan kalo dulu kynya istri malu kalo ketahuan suaminya ikut bantuin ngurus anak dan kerjaan domestik krn ngerasa itu bagian perempuan, skrg malah sebaliknya. So sweet banget si G. Dan aku sukak bgt dua kalimat penutupnya

    • Di negara dengan kultur maskulin masih kok bapak ngga asuh anak karena ngga biasa Ndang. Disini ya karena ngga ada pembantu bapak dan ibu urus anak barengan. Di Indonesia udah lumayan juga ya aku lihat para ayah urus anak.

  4. Peran seorang ayah ( suami ) saat ini setara dengan peran seorang istri. Saya setuju banget dengan peran seorang ayah di dalam keluarga yang tidak membeda2kan jenis tugas di dlm rumah tangga. Tugas laki2 or tugas wanita. Saling membantu , saling mengerti dan saling memahami satu sama lain ( between a husband and a wife ). Two thumbs up for G’s father.. Twee duimen voor je man….(bener nggak bhs londonya ? hehehe )

    • Di Belanda peran bapak dan ibu setara karena ngga biasa ada pembantu, keduanya harus urus rumah tangga & anak barengan. Kamu tinggal di Belanda juga?

      • Saat ini msh boalak balik JKT-Holland-JKT. Msh harus menyelesaikan urusan2 di JKT. Msh blom klaar. Insyaallah tahun ini bisa klaar semuanya. Bukan July ini saya ke Holland lagi.

  5. Thumbs up untuk mas Ronny. Jadi ingat teman dekatku (laki-laki), dia juga tipe ayah seperti suamimu. Waktu istrinya kuliah di Belanda selama 2 tahun, si anak tinggal dengan temenku ini di Bogor. Untungnya temanku emang biasa masak, nyapu, dll sejak kecil. Jadi memang dia udah terdidik nggak membeda-bedakan “pekerjaan laki-laki” dan “pekerjaan perempuan”

  6. In these day and age, a hands on dad is more common than lets say 30-40 years ago, especially in the asian countries. In Canada, new parents are allowed to take parental leave, meaning: for both mother & father, not at the same time of course but up to 52 weeks (in Ontario, more & less in other province) with a guarantee of having their jobs back when they come back to work. Many husbands become a stay home dad to raise the children when their wives are the breadwinners of the family.
    Thus congratulation to your hubby who’s been playing an important role in raising your beautiful daugther G.

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