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Orange fever

The long awaited and anticipated Football World Cup 2014 starts today in Brazil. Dutch football team will play against Spain tomorrow.


One thing which can unite the Dutchies is the oranjekoorts (Orange Fever). In International sport events Dutch supporters are easy to spot in their vibrant orange gear.

This orange fever has hit the retail industry and TV. To mark the start of the football World Cup I pick these two TV commercials.

The first one is from ING. I like the vibe. It is called ‘Wat gaat het worden’ meaning ‘What would it be’. It show Brazilian kids in favelas (slum quarters) playing football in jerseys of participating countries. ING positions itself with its orange lion logo as Oranje is ING, orange is ING.

This one is from McDonalds. Looking at it I believe this commercial is only broadcasted in The Netherlands. It is called ‘Voor Oranje fans’ meaning For Oranje supporters.

This commercial exploits 3 opponents Dutch team faced in three finals of the World Championship. The Orange team did not win any. First mention in this commercial is Argentina (WC final 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina), then comes Germany (WC final 1974 in Munich, Germany) and Spain (WC final 2010 in Johannesburg, South Africa).

The country hopes anxiously that the team would win. I know who will win either way; broadcast license holders and FIFA. They will generate so much income in the coming month. I heard that a block of 30 seconds TV commercial broadcast during the match The Netherlands vs Spain tomorrow, cost € 200.000!

I am not into football nor am I an orange supporter. However I am confronted by this orange fever whether I like it or not; at work, in shops and supermarkets and at home. As long as the Dutch team goes further in the competition, everybody is happy. My husband is happy then I am also happy.

Let the Orange Fever begin!

PS If the team makes it to the second round, I will share another story about Orange Fever.

Featured image is from Trouw.
World Cup logo is from FIFA.


14 thoughts on “Orange fever

  1. Mbaaak ahahahaah pas banget siiih kita barengan pula postingannya, pas istirahat nih tapi udah kubikin dr semalem mau masukin fotonya. Bener mbak, Belanda menang suami senang kan dirimu riang. Di rumah kebalikannya, Belanda menang hatiku senang, suamiku ikutan senang ahahahaha. Aku dari dulu pegang Belanda. Belum bisa pengaruhi suamiku, dia tetep suka Argentina dan Spanyol. Yah dia juga gak bisa pengaruhi aku sih ihik

    • Ha….ha….iya Ndang. Selama team oranje menang terus moodnya suamiku ok. Aku seneng juga deh walo kadang rada kesel juga sih abisnya dia nonton bola terus 🙂

      Aku baru tahu kamu fans Oranje Ndang.

      • Aq beli Oranje handoek untuk aq. Beli di Alfamart di Jkt. Tapi yg buat ponakan Orange T-shirt aq beli di Bloker di Holland.
        Tiap negara rame dengan atribut bola. Alfamart di Indo juga menjual atribut itu.

  2. ini baca postingannya barengan sama postingan mamak Sondang.. 😀
    Menurutku belanda itu keren abis di tahun 1998-2000, pas ada siapa tuh ya, gelandang yang main di juventus, yg rambutnya panjang suka dikepang2 gitu. Wahhh, kok lupa namanya. *payah*
    Ada piala dunia ini seru banget, mbak Yo. Minimal menurunkan tensi orang2 yg lagi pada spaneng ngurusin pilpres.. hahaha…

    • Ruud Gullit Fit namanya. Pemain Belanda keturunan Suriname. Ha….ha….iya bener banget. Mending piala dunia daripada ribet pemilu ya.

  3. wah mba yo pasti seru banget yah di belanda sana orange2 semua. hihihi aku pegang belanda dari dulu dong, dan kemarin happy banget krn menang telak hahaha.. ayo mba share tentang orange fever lagi 😀

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