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5 tips for About me page

About me page is the most visited page on blogs beside homepage. Readers want to know who the person is behind the blogger. Me for example, when I stumble upon an interesting blog I read the About me page first and after that the most read post. Then I would browse on the categories. After that I decide if I want to visit that blog again.

My About me page is called the author. I see bloggers who use other title for their About me page like “Who is xxx?” or “The writer”. No matter which title is used, most important is that new readers know that the page is a section about the blogger.

So here are my 5 tips of pimping the About me page based on my own observations and experiences. These tips are only applicable to bloggers who seek for a wide reach and readers/followers. I put this disclaimer here as I know there are bloggers who write only for limited readers although their blog is publicly accessible.

1. Shine!
Blogosphere is saturated. Therefore excel from other bloggers. Shine!

2. Brief introduction
Introduce who you are briefly, preferably with a picture. Share information about your occupation, hobbies, things you like or dislike even your habits if you want to. Your blog is your online home, you define what you share. My tip here is keep it short. Remember; more and more people are online with a mobile device (tablet and smartphone), long post will force them to scroll down. Some of them are not fond of endlessly scrolling down.

Back to that brief introduction, if you struggle about how to write about yourself, read a piece I wrote about Personal Branding.

3. Why you blog
Share your reason for blogging. Simply as that. This helps your readers understand your posts and your writings better.

4. Contact information
If you look for online interaction, provide your readers your contact information. How they can reach you. I just did this last week though. I did this after two people who were interested in my post, sent me a message through Facebook. To make it easier for readers who want to share their thoughts with me in private, I have made a special email address for remarks, comments and questions about this blog.

Preventing from getting spammed, I decided to share my contact information in an image like this. So spammer’s crawling bots won’t find it.


I deliberately set this one under Contact page. People who want to contact me straight away can click on this without having to read my About me page. It is of course up to you where to put this, under Contact or under About me page.

5. Update regularly
Update your About me page as soon as changes occurred in your life. Keep it up to date. For example: Those who set their age in it, have to adjust it every year. Solution: show the birth year instead.

This post is something new bloggers need to reckon with. Take a look at how to start a blog infographic for further information. I also invite you to browse the blogging directory here on Chez Lorraine.

If you want to add some tips, be my guest and share them here. Thank you for reading.

45 thoughts on “5 tips for About me page

  1. ihiiyyyy… jadi inget udah lamaaa nggak ngupdate side bar ‘about me’ abal2 punyaku, mbak Yo.. 🙂
    Disitu tertulis umurnya A3, pas kuliat, aiihhh.. Andro masih umur 7,2 thn. Padahal doi udah 8,2 tahun sekarang.. hahaha…
    Kalo aku sih biasanya baca about me buat liat umur. Ini menentukan sapaanku ke pemilik blog, panggil mbak, Bu, mas, kakak, adek dst… Walopun, banyak sih ya yg nggak nyantumin umur. *termasuk yg ngetik* hihihi…

    • Ha..ha…jadi Fitri umurnya berapa? 🙂 Iya, bukan hanya umur tapi juga aku lihat banyak blogger yang ngga update statusnya atau study. Maksudku misalnya awal ngeblog cerita kuliah terus sekarang cerita kerjaan tapi di About Me masih tercantum mahasiswa kan bisa membingungkan yang baru mampir ke blog itu.

      • Atau di about me masih single, skrg udah berbuntut 3, mungkin? >>> bukan aku loh ya. Hahaha..
        Umurku udah 35, mbak. Cuma fisik udah kayak 50 tahun aja, gitu.. gampang capek, huhuhu… *kenapa jd bahas umur ya* 😀

    • Sama-sama Suriya. Mau sedikit atau banyak sih terserah kamu, yang penting apakah itu cukup untuk memperkenalkan diri ke pembaca yang baru mampir pertama kali keblog kamu.

    • Karena kamu termasuk category yang ini “..I put this disclaimer here as I know there are bloggers who write only for limited readers although their blog is publicly accessible.”

  2. oia, akupun sudah lama ga ngedit halaman “about me” mbak Yo, mesti dicek lagi nih 😀
    terima kasih banyak untuk guidenya 🙂

  3. Mbak yo… Aku aku ga ngerti ini cara masukkin about me di blog gimana ya? Hahaha gaptek banget deh aku. Udah gt masih bingung banget juga nulis tentang diri sendiri. Sekarang jadi kepikiran 😀

  4. Hahaha jadi inget waktu mb Yo baca section About Me-ku dan belum ada apa-apa habis masih bingung mau nulis apa. Aku suka banget browsing blognya mbak, selalu menemukan tips yang berguna

    • Yes, but I understoond it. Aku baca pos pertama kamu kan newbie 🙂 Welcome to blogosphere Mikan. You are a fast learner. Kalo ada waktu mau cari info, aku tulis beberapa pos tentang blogging di kategori blogging disini. Siapa tahu bisa membantu.

  5. Mbak Yo,, buat kontak email ngaruh banget ya Mbak pake gambar atau pake [at] gitu? akhir2 ini aku suka dapet spam.. huhuhu…

    • Bisa mengurangi sedikit spam Nita. Kadang ada celah terbuka di blog tanpa ada hubungannya dengan [at], bisa jadi CSS atau theme atau gambarnya dihack. Kebetulan aku kemarin dapet banyak spam comments di posku tentang Keukenhof. Sepertinya ada leak disitu, makanya comment section aku tutup.

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  8. Great tips… I have recently noticed that my welcome page was quite awful 😆 I tried to add a more attractive introduction of myself as a blogger. Also it was not only brief… But only written in Spanish , when I have been blogging in English for Many years. Sigh. Anyway, I should have come across your suggestions before to avoid all this 😉 best of luck and thank you. ⭐️

    • You’re welcome Aquileana. You still can adjust your About Me page now. As I see it, your readers would have loved to know your background in relation with your writings. This if you don’t mind telling it of course 🙂

  9. Oh duh! This makes a lot more sense than what I’ve currently got on my page. I use WP only thru the app so I had no idea it that page was so important. Thx for the tips! Xoxo

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