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Zulu is a movie about policemen in South – Africa. It is a french production English-speaking movie. This movie was selected for the Cannes Film Festival last year but I had just watched it two weeks ago. My husband and I were attracted to this because of Forest Withaker.

The story
The setting is Cape Town, South Africa. Ali Sokhela (Forest Whitaker) and Brian Epkeen (Orlando Bloom) are homicide detectives investigating the violent death of a rich, white, young girl. Cape town is still recovering from the apartheid. A number of victims and an active investigation further leads them to a national drugs scandal with high-placed officials involved. It covers also a network of the worst street criminals from the townships in Cape town.

It also brings Sokhela to his past, where he witnessed his own parents brutally murdered in a riot caused by the apartheid. I cut the story short because I don’t want to give spoilers away.


The movie
As I wrote above, Whitaker is one of our (husband’s and mine) favorite actors. He meets our expectation in this movie. And I tell you Orlando Bloom is surprisingly good as the out of track, no-nonsense detective Brian Epkeen. To me he has succeeded shrugging off his cute boyish image playing this character. I am not a fan of Orlando Bloom though but he has clearly finally bloomed as an adult actor with an adult role in this movie. Apparently Whitaker and Bloom did take a serious accent lesson as their South African accent sounds convincing in my ears.

Further on, the camera work is good, showing the contrast of villa quarters and the township well. Some scenes are very very graphic and violent. I strongly discourage those with fainted heart to see this. The apartheid and a piece of its history are also in the story. It was and still is a bloody passage in South Africa.

The end is not usual as the public would have hoped. That reminds me that this movie is not an American production. Not every story has a happy ending.

I give 7,5 to this police action drama.


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