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Wie geht es Ihnen?

Wie geht es Ihnen, herr Fassbender? How are you mister Fassbender? My female friends have been sharing Michael Fassbender’s pictures on social media since X-Men: Days of future past was released last week.

I can’t blame my friends as Michael Fassbender is a beautiful creature. 20140602-200226-72146328.jpg
Pic is taken from Handson provocateuse.

Fassbender is a terrific actor. He plays his roles so intensely. His last memorable performance is in 12 years a slave. In Shame he portrays a sex addict who functions normally in the daily life. And I love to see him in Inglourious Basterds, he speaks German there. In The Counselor he is the sophisticated man who is devoted to his fiancée.

Two weeks ago during Cannes Film Festival his next movie was revealed. Fassbender plays one of Shakespeare’s classics: Macbeth.


I look forward to see this movie. I wonder how dark is Fassbender’s interpretation of Macbeth.


14 thoughts on “Wie geht es Ihnen?

  1. What is it in Michael Fassbender what attracts your female friends ? His acting? Actually I prefer, amongst others Mads Mikkelsen if it comes to acting. Or is it indeed his beauty, which in my opinion- going by the pictures- he pretty much manages to conceal. Or is it essentially the danger & darkness he radiates Alain Delon style, which women secretly love ? :).

    • I strongly believe it is the latter. Women have that nurturing instict they think they can tame bad boy with. That’s Fassbender’s attraction. Aside from his appearance, I do find his acting is good. He is one of the best actors in his generation. Mmm, please read other comments from fellow female bloggers here. They confirm Fassbender’s hunk status :-).

      However I am also fan of character actors like Kevin Spacey and John Malkovich. They are good!

  2. YOU READ MY MIND!! I like him as an actor. He is raw, he can act like he is so vulnerable and in the same time be really sweet and loving too. Mbak I just saw the movie of Jane Eyre, and again I fall in love with mas Fassbender. I love his funny German accent and I love his Irish accent even more.

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