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MM: J’me tire

J’me tire was a summer hit in 2013 in France. Last year this French song was also a hit in The Netherlands. Although I am not really into rap, I love this.

The lyrics is about withdrawal from bullshit in the so called artist’s life in a spotlight. He wants to withdraw and be somewhere where no one suspects him. A place where he doesn’t have to pick up the microphone and no one is interested in him.

The Congolian French rapper/singer Maître Gims was inspired by irreconcilible differences with his fellow band mates when he wrote this.First time I heard this it intrigued me much. He sounds so angry.

Nonetheless the tune and the beat force me to put my hands in the air like I just don’t care.

What do you think of this?


6 thoughts on “MM: J’me tire

  1. Good choice of songs! But rap is not for me either!

    Tu connais “Cœur de pirate”? J’aime le chanson ‘La Petite Mort’. Tu peux ecouter et dit moi si tu l’adore.

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