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MM: On My Way

This up beat, feel good song starts my new week. This week’s weather forecast in The Netherlands is sunny, with high temperatures of 22 – 28 degree Celsius!

The singer, Giovanca, is Dutch with Antillian roots. She was a model first. In 2008 Giovanca launched her first album, this song is her first single.

I have watched her concerts, she sang live and beautiful. I think she is a bit underrated. A big Dutch department store chain uses the tune of On My Way for their spring campaign every year.

Every time I hear this song, I am happy and feel the good mood. I am on my way…


5 thoughts on “MM: On My Way

      • Iya Lo, meskipun kadang turun ke 19, cuma banyak hujan dan angin-nya ga kira2, dua hari lalu ada rumah deket pantai yg roofnya terbang krn angin badai disini. Winter disini juga very mild during the day, kalo malam kadang ya bisa sampai 3C.

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