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Blogging etiquette

Blogging community is an open, warm and interesting place to hang out. To keep it this way I’d like to share blogging etiquette based on the unwritten rules of the do’s and don’ts in the blogosphere. Most bloggers know the blogging etiquette, others simply don’t while some don’t even care about this.


Copyrights law
Blog content (images, text and audio) is bound to copyrights law. When using images of others, link it back to the owner’s/maker’ site. If you don’t do this, you steal someone’s work. If stealing is too abstract for you to understand, imagine that your blog is your home. You hang the image in your livingroom, image you “borrow” from a stranger. It doesn’t sound ok, does it? At least set the image source to keep this nicely.

Credit properly
When you are inspired by a post and you write a post with the same subject, set the permalink to post that inspires you. Permalink is an URLaddress which directs to a specific page. You gain two things: the blogger knows he/she has inspired you and your post will appear as pingback in a comment section.

Crediting is one of the main reasons I write this post. A blogger friend of mine, A, tipped me that she saw a blogpost which she found similar to my blogpost. My blogpost was issued two days earlier than the blogpost on that particular blog. I read it and agreed with my friend. A also forwarded some blogposts written by this blogger, which seemed to be inspired by our mutual blogger friend’s posts, B. A couple of posts of this blogger was written one or two days after B’s posts with the same subject. There is no credit or mention whatsoever that this blogger is seemed inspired by B’s posts.

Then, at the beginning of this month I wrote a post. Two days later I was blogwalking and stumbled upon the post of this particular blogger. And there was a blogpost, with a mention of me, a blogger who lives in The Netherlands with the exact subject as mine. The content was adjusted to this blogger’s own thoughts but subtitles are the same. I won’t set a link to this blog as I don’t want this to linger further on, ok?

I am glad apparently I have inspired someone. I share my experience here to make it clear that when I write a post, no matter how short it is, I do some research (reading books, sites, magazines, films and series), self reflecting and contemplating on the matter. Some posts are written based on countless observations. It takes me days even weeks sometimes to finish my drafts, I choose my words carefully and try to jot them for a best fitting in my writing style. To know how I write I shared my blogwriting tips last January.

So please, respect this effort as a fellow blogger. Give credit when the credit is due. Setting permalink or reviewing a fellow blogger is a well appreciated gesture in a blogsphere. This is a big DO. As I believe the essence of blogging is

To share

To inform

To inspire

To interact

Back to the importance of permalink. Readers who click on the permalink will land on the specific page you refer to in your post, not the homepage. This prevents minutes of scrolling, looking for that specific post. Setting a permalink will boost your blog’s usability.

Always, always reply to comments. The commenters have taken their time to share their thoughts about the subject you posted. They have taken their time to read your post and leave a comment. It is your turn to reply.  If you reply to a comment of a newcomer on your blog, he/she would visit your blog often. After a while if you both have the connection, this newcomer would become your loyal reader and a frequent commenter and voilà a connection and interaction is there on your blog, the features of a blog community.

To me personally, I embrace silent readers who comment for the first time. They have overcome a barrier to comment, I really appreciate them. Sending warm and much love to my silent readers.

Another plus point of always replying the comment is new visitors will see it when they stumble upon your blog. They would feel invited to comment too. They are your potential readers. When I left a comment on a new blog I find interesting but the blog owner didn’t reply to it, I don’t visit the blog anymore.

Be kind
Last but not least, be kind. Be kind in your post and be kind in your comments. To speak out freely and being outspoken is not similar to being rude. When a blogger leaves a nasty comment, don’t take the bait and reply it with nasty comment too. It is not worth it.

Your blog is your online home. Take a good care of it well just as you expect your online neighbours will do the same to you and your properties.

Happy blogging and enjoy the interaction!


38 thoughts on “Blogging etiquette

  1. Aku jd SR seseorang beberapa bulan terakhir, sering banget pengen komen walau tau bakalan ga dibales, eh bener aja pas ada jurnal dia yg bagus banget menurut aku, jd aku nekat aja komen,eh ya bener aja ga dibales. Harusnya kalo emang ga sempet bales2 komen, tutup aja ya kolom komennya ya. *the sensitive Reader* :))

  2. Hear hear! This post is a MUST-read for all bloggers.

    I always try to respect fellow bloggers and if I am inspired by their writings I always link it back to their posts as a form of my gratitude. It can happen that I forget (because I am just human yeah!), but I always try to put the links no matter what.

    I feel you mbak…I have seen and read posts written by bloggers who don’t bother to put the links on their posts, this is indeed very rude and sadly they do this repeatedly without feeling ashamed. I really hope these rude bloggers will stop their action after they read this post! Shame on you.

    • Thank you Oppie. I once found out a blogger mentioned my post without a link due to my opinion. This blogger didn’t agree with me. Not setting link for this I could understand perhaps the blogger wouldn’t want to have a confrontation with me.

      And one thing I don’t really understand, there is a minimum effort putting a permalink to the inspiring post, why not?

      I do hope bloggers take this blogging etiquette seriously.

  3. Karena saya juga baru benar benar menghayati dunia blogging sekarang sangat hati-hati dalam posting atau insert gambar, kalo pinjam dari website lain pasti saya tulis sumbernya kalau hasil foto sendiri saya pakai watermark :-), dan semaksimal mungkin balas semua komen yang masuk dan say hai sama new visitor yang follow blog…

    Nice posting mbak, a very nice reminder for all of us 🙂

    • Terima kasih Siti. Sama-sama. Memang ini tujuannya mengingatkan untuk yang lupa dan memberitahu untuk yang ngga ngerti.

      Eh kamu punya dua blog ya? Aku liat avatarnya ada dua.

      • iya ada 3 malah , di blogspot 2, blog lama…. sejak tahun 2008 kalau di wordpress baru tahun 2012 mulainya.. dan baru tahun ini serius mengurus blognya mencoba menjadi blogger yang baik dan benar …:-)

        • Maksudku aku liat di WordPress ini kamu avatarnya ada 2. Aku juga ada 1 foodblog yang dari Oktober tahun lalu pingsan 🙂

        • haha iya ada 2 di wp, satu aja tak terurus jadi saya fokus ini aja.. terbayang kalau maintain banyak bisa masuk rumkit saya 😀

  4. Suka sama tulisan ini. New blogger kayak aku butuh belajar nih. Tapi yaa yg namanya ambil gambar atau tulisan kan sdh diajarin di sekolah dan kuliah, jgn mentang2 di dunia maya bisa seenaknya. Inget bgt nih aku mslh ini, gara2 pas bikin thesis n skripsi kmrn dpt dosen galak2 masalah ini hehehe

    • Iya, sebenernya ini bukan berlaku untuk blogging atau social media lainnya tentang melaporkan sumber, di dunia tulis menulis offline pun wajib ini.

  5. Ahh blog saya aja ecekecek, nggak konsisten. Suka lupa nulis sumber kalo dah gitu mending saya hapus aja gambarnya dr blog saya, soalnya itu ibaratnya hak kekayaan intelektual, eh ener gak sih? Betewe tapi kalo baca tulisan blogger dan the komenters disini (niruin duo hostnya show di net tv lupa nama mereka) jadi semangat, semangat baca tulisan blogger. Hallo mbak yo ini rangi_ruru yang di instagram 😀

  6. Aku masih kadang suka malas utk balas comment yang isinya “betul bgt!” Atau “setuju banget” kayak gitu doang Lor. Aku honestly ga taw harus bales apa. Any idea?

    • Gw kalo gitu balesnya dengan terima kasih. Abis memang ngga bisa lebih panjang lagi balesnya kalo komennya gitu 🙂 Bahkan dengan berterima kasih pun kita udah kasih lihat bawah kita baca komen mereka.

  7. Thanks for the info. Aku suka lupa loh utk tulis sumber pics-nya darimana, krn kadang nulisnya juga sembari buru2 dan kadang pic itu diambil dari Pinterest. Ga maksud nyuri sih tapi lebih ke lupa. Kalo soal komen, selalu berusaha ngebales in komen orang, tapi kadang aga lama (yg penting dibales kan) tapi krn jarang juga dapet komen i have no problem about komen2 ini😊 Sama kyk The Sanguine, suka bingung mo komen balik kalo yg komennya hanya bilang: “setuju banget” or “bagus”… palingan ya bilang ma kasih aza.

    • You’re welcome Ria. Memang maksudnya ngga nyuri karena ngga tahu atau ngga sempet pasang permalink. Makanya gw tulis pos ini sebagai informasi. Iya, kalo orang komen setuju banget atau bagus gw komen baliknya hanya terima kasih. Bahkan dengan berterima kasih pun kita udah kasih lihat bawah kita baca komen mereka.

  8. When I first blogged more than 10 years ago, I didn’t know that we had to reply people’s comments haha. I’ve never thought that blogging was an interaction tool! Hahaha… until more people started to come and comment on my blog and I started to visit people’s blog, then I realized that blogging is a great way to make friends! *except for some people who use their blog to scam others*

    So far, I am very thankful that I have never received any complain regarding copyright issue inside my blog, but I also faced the issue of people taking the content of my blog without permission. It’s a bit more okay if they put the source, but mostly they kept saying they get it from Google. The worse case is they copied full content and paste it without mentioning the source, and didn’t reply to my request regarding the link. Arghh…

    • 10 years ago blogging was not 2.0, it was namely sending your stories. The interaction was minimal. Oo, beneran Le di copy paste plek? I guess you have done everything you could but those people are just ignorant. Me too, I am thankful I have not received complain regarding copyrights. Apart for the blogger I mentioned in the post who was seemingly inspired by my post but did not credit me for that I have experienced that a restaurant chain used my pic without permission. A simple foodpic of mine was used by a Bebek goreng restaurant chain for its promotion. A friend told me about this, I required the restaurant to delete it which they did but their excuse mail was full of promotion of their products. Cape deh bacanya.

  9. Setuju mba Yo, pokoknya selama sesuatu yg ditaruh di blog bukan milik empunya blog emang harus lah naruh sumbernya.. 😀

  10. Can’t but agree with these etiquette ‘rules’. I hesitate about “be kind” though. Of course rude language and insults should be off limits. But critical comments, irony, even sarcasm should not be excluded. It’s all implied by publishing one’s opinions and reasoning in the public domain. By definition one exposes oneself to both praise and condemnation. It’s fair play to accept one and the other :).

    • Critical, irony and sarcasm can be done with kindness :-). Actually lately I have been writing sarcastic and critical posts about Indonesian mannerism in Bahasa Indonesia though. I mean after interacting for a while, we learn to know the commenting style of our fellow bloggers right? Once I got this nasty comment about a man who didn’t agree with my post. He started to calling me names. He even called my husband a racist. This was not ok, this was surely not kind.

  11. Akupun selalu berusaha ngasi tahu link dari mana sumber tulisanku mbak, soalnya pasti bt kalau udah susah susah nulis, terus liat tulisan kita di publish di tempat lain dan ga ada sumbernya

    • Nah itulah Ira. Sependek apapun post kita, sebagai penulis kita kan mikir dan berusaha menulis. Karya buatan sendiri dikutip, dicontek bahkan dicopy paste plek tanpa credit kekita rasanya jleb.

  12. Wah.. Kalo kita lakuin karena blm tau gmna mba?
    Kayak saya nih. Pas awal ngeblog dlu kan suka nambahin2 aja gambar -pernah artikel malah, cm nulis dr berbagi sumber- hasil gugling dan ga pake link. Maklum, euforia blogger baru,hehe. Pas udah tau sih dibenerin, akhirnya jd rapi2 blog. Tpi omong2, kalo lupa gt, boleh ga sih dblg ‘berbagai sumber’ atau sjnisnya krn ga inget dpt artikel atau gambarnya drmna, atau mndg dihapus aja? :O

    • Kalo belum tahu jadi tahu kan setelah baca ini. Jawaban pertanyaan terakhir seenak perasaan kamu aja. Blogging etiquette ini sebenernya etiquette ngga tertulis yang berlaku juga untuk karya didunia offline. Kalo pinjem karya orang lain untuk dipajang dirumah kita, kita tahu kan ambil dari mana. So, kenapa ngga pasang sumbernya?

      • Hm.. Sebenarnya sih udah diedit mba dari pas pertama kali tau dulu, hehe.. Tapi ntar deh ‘bersih-bersih’ blog lagi, apa masih ada gambar yg lupa dicantumin sumber juga yaa. Nuhun mba 🙂

  13. Mba Yo, thanks for the reminder ya.. Aku setuju sama tulisanmu mba. Memang rasanya jadi males balik lagi ke blog orang yang ga bales komen kita yah. Rasa-rasanya seperti dianggap invisible gitu. Yang aku inget banget dari tulisan mba Yo mesti cantumin sumber dari gambar yg kita ambil. Dulu pertama kali ngeblog ngirain itu ga penting2 amat. Tapi ternyata haruus, itu juga sebagai apresiasi kita kpd orang yang jadi sumber kan 🙂

    • Sama-sama Maria. Oh, aku pikir cuma aku sendiri yang males main keblog orang yang ngga pernah bales komen pembacanya, ternyata kamu juga gitu ya 😉

      Iya Mar, kan walaupun gampang cari gambar dan pasang di post kita, kita harus menghormati yang punya.

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