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Thank you

Thank you for the nurturing and the upbringing.

Thank you for the sacrifices and offers you made.

Thank you for the shelter and calming haven you provide.

Thank you for the adult connection we share.

Thank you for reassuring me that everything is going to be ok.

Thank you for making me the woman I am today.

It is Mother’s Day here. People spoil their mother by making breakfast or giving gift. All I can do is writing this thank you note for you with carefully chosen words coming from the deepest of my heart.

Fijne moederdag!



21 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you😘 Btw, kenapa di Indonesia mother’s day-nya bulan des 22 ya? Sementara disini, Europe dan USA bulan May?

    • Ria, 22 Desember di Indonesia itu hari Ibu untuk menghormati perempuan bukan hari Ibu seperti Mother’s Day di negara barat 😉 Hari Ibu di Indonesia idenya seperti International Women’s Day tanggal 8 Maret, untuk peringatan hak perempuan. Asalnya 22 Desember itu dulu tanggal Kongres Perempuan Indonesia.

      • Ohh…gitu asal mulanya ya Lo, ya ampyuun baru tau setelah sekian lama * bolotitawati* 🙈🙈 Thanks for the info, hope you have a lovely mother’s day with your loved ones😘

  2. Ohhhh aku juga sependapat sama mba Ria dan ternya aku salah juga thx infonya mba yoyen, karena di indo paling hebohnya hari ibu ya tangal 22 des 😀
    Happy mother’s day mba…

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