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MM: Calm after the storm

This Music Monday I’d like to present you Dutch entry for the Eurovision Song Festival which will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark from 6 – 10 May.

The song is called Calm after the song from The Common Linnets. This duet has been formed for one time concert and is now representing The Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Festival. The Common Linnets consists of country pop singer Ilse de Lange and soul singer Waylon.

Calm after the storm was released end of November last year. It is a subtle song. The bass guitar reminds of The Police while the country poppy sounds like The Fleetwood Mac. I have never thought Waylon could do such song as he is 100% soul man. Anyway, I love Calm after the storm. I hope The Common Linnets would do good at the song festival.

7 thoughts on “MM: Calm after the storm

      • 50-50 mbak , banyak yg bagus juga, well anyway si Axel gak tembus final, sedih.
        Tapi seneng Belanda tembus, bagus bgt performance nya, terlihat paling pro tadi malem….

        • Iya bener, 50-50 ya semalem. Sayang memang Axel ngga ke final. Belanda seneng bener. Sejak tahun lalu peserta dari sini lagunya lumayan bagus memang.

  1. Setelah dengar lagu ini beberapa kali, dan denger mereka nyanyi live, makin suka dengan lagu ini. Aku suka bgt ama dua penyanyi ini 🙂 Mereka berhasil menarik simpati dr negara lain dan the best performance of dutch participant for the last maybe 10 or 15 years?

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