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Seasongram: Spring 2014

The signs were on the wall that last winter would be mild and it was indeed. On 2 February I took the following picture when biking home from work. It is the entry of an educational farm near my house. The sun shone. You can see the cold golden glow on the pic. That day I felt happy and was more than ready to welcome spring.


6 March I visited Den Bosch and captured these.



18 March in the morning, it was misty. I felt like I was biking to work through the set of Lord of the ring. My precious!


The following day was a sunny one. Cherry blossoms were blooming.


Two weeks later the blossoms were falling. Walking in the park during my lunch break, I saw this.


That same day I was fascinated by the light and took this back lit detail pic of the blossoms.


In the meantime, that week end I went to Antwerp, Belgium and captured these.



On the cloudy Easter Sunday the light was diffused. The cloud worked as a filter.


Last week I bent on my knees to take this. That was one of those days when all kinds of weather came along: strong wind, clouds, sun even hail while it was not that cold approximately 15 degree Celsius.


Last Monday I went downtown and shot this part of the city hall.


I close this seasongram with a pic of an Italian lunch I had in Amsterdam today. These colors remind me of a bright, warm summer. This is a prelude of hopefully a good summer.


If you want to see more pictures I make almost daily, follow me on Instagram yoyen2008. If not, untill the next seasongram!


16 thoughts on “Seasongram: Spring 2014

  1. Foto yang misty, hiiiii, ‘dapet’ banget mbak momennya.. Foto yang lainnya cantik banget, they look fresh and colorful, bebas polusi…. kayak liat di postcard2 🙂

    • Memang disini bebas polusi, udaranya bersih Shin, maklum ini didesa 😉 Iya waktu ambil foto berkabut itu, kabutnya tebel banget, aku musti pelan-pelan naik sepeda, sight only 3 meter.

  2. Wooowwww, mbak Yo…. foto2nya ciamiiikk! Jepret pake ponsel apa pake kamera dslr, nih? Foto2 keren begini ini nih, yg suka bikin pengeeennn liburan ke eropa.. 🙂

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